The Vacation


2. Chapter 2

The next morning I couldn't stop watching Vincent and Victoria. But nothing happened and as I knew Victoria didn't have feelings for Vincent. But they could be a cute couple I thought. When I brushed me teeth Adrian came out on the toilet. I looked at him in the mirror and he smiled and started brushing his teeth too. It would have been awkward if it wasn't him. He spit. "Did you hear us last night?" He asked. I tried to look surprised. "No, what makes you think that?", I asked. He looked at me as to see if I lied and I did my best not to look like I did. "Oh, it's just.. You have looked a lot at Victoria and Vincent today" he said. I couldn't act anymore. "Okay fine" I said "maybe I heard a bit what you talked about" I smiled an innocent smile with my toothbrush in my mouth, very sexy. "Who are you 'doing'?" I asked like it was normal for me to know. He smiled and went out of the bathroom. It's just typical him, not want to tell that kind of stuff. But I knew I would make him tell later. We all went out skiing and our parent were with us at first. So nothing happened between Vincent and Victoria and I couldn't ask Adrian. Later we were by our selves and I saw Vincent trying to tell something funny to Victoria, but she didn't noticed. I took the lift with Sofie my name twin. We laughed a lot and I suddenly just had to tell her what I heard last night. She was a bit choking and wanted just as bad as me to know who Adrian would be 'doing'. At the next lift I did so I was in lift with Adrian so I could ask him. "Come on, please why won't you tell me?" I begged. He just laughed. "You're better at skiing than I thought" he said to avoid my question. "Answer me!" I said trying to sound annoyed. "I won't" "I would do anything for it" I said in desperation. "Kiss Vincent" he grinned. I looked angry at him. "He has Victoria" I answered with at sweet voice. We came to the top and drove to the others. I hated that he wouldn't answer and that I was so curious. But I thought I knew what to do.

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