The Vacation


10. Chapter 10

After the dinner me and Victoria should do the dish. And as those gentlemen they are Adrian and Vincent helped us. Victoria and I were whispering a bit about how it was going. After a while we let Victoria and Vincent go so it was only me and Adrian back in the kitchen. He hugged me from behind while I was drying the last plate. Suddenly he kissed me. I almost dropped the plate. My knees almost couldn't hold me. I was really surprised. When the kiss was over I saw Adrian's father was in the kitchen I smiled to him and looked down while blushing. Okay Adrian really liked me. I was overwhelmed. Adrian and his father exchanged some father son looks and I kept washing the dishes.

'Do you believe me now?' Adrian asked after his father had left the room. 'Hmm, sure' I answered and I knew it would really piss him off. 'Seriously? you know, because I did that we are not talking about anything else in the car on our way home, and just so you know he will properly tell your dad too.' I stopped doing the dishes in the second he said that. I haven't thought about my dad. Omg it would be so awful if Adrian's dad told mine I wouldn't survive haha. I turned around so that I looked directly at him. 'Okay,well I believe you. But I hadn't thought about your dad telling my dad' I said while I thought. He lifted me up on the kitchen table so I sat with my legs one on each side of him. 'Okay, now. Can I get some respond on the thing I told, and showed you?' He asked expecting an answer right away. I looked in his eyes and kissed him on the cheek. And jumped afterwards down the table and went back to our house. On the way I got some comments from the fathers but I ignored them, which makes them think it was even more fun.

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