That girl has a secret

"That girl has a secret, and I'm determined to find out what it is"

Frankie Lukes, your average girl right? Haha not even close. Frankie is secretly famous popstar, Courtney Reed. Courtney was hired for the one and only Harry Styles. She thinks feelings arise. At first Harry feels the same, but he is just doing this for management. Man had she been fooled. But what if one member of the band really falls for her but she's stuck with Styles for another year until the contract runs out. Will Modest come between true love, or will Harry end up falling for his handle bar?


6. Lost chapter

Frankie Pov:

"Frankie, you are driving me nuts" My nine year old sister Olivia says with sass. Sass runs in our family. I roll my eyes and laugh at her. "Frankie!" Mom calls from downstairs. I run down and she smile at me. "Lets talk about Courtney" Mom says. "Mom" I sigh. Courtney is my hannah montana. I know this is strange but I just didnt want to be famous, at all. I feel as if it was a great idea becasue im not the girly type but when im courtney, im the girliest person i can be. I've been Courtney for about 2 years now and the only people who know are mom, dad, my siblings, and my bestfriend Ronny. "Are you sure you want to keep this a secret anymore?" She asks. "I mean hun, with all the crap you go through, dont you want more friends?" She says pushing my hair back. "Mom I dont want to make friends off my fame" I say sadly. "Youve never had a friends stay the night! Dont you want to live the life of an average teenage girl?" She asks. "Mom my life is anything but average, I like it that way" I say. "Your only friend is a boy!" Mom says trying to get me to change my mind. "Mom, please" I say with watery eyes. "Im sorry hun. Will you just consider it?" She asks wrapping her arms around me. I nod and she brings her finger up to my eyes. "Stop crying" She says wiping my tears. I get up and go upstairs.

My transformation takes about 1 1/2 hours. I shut my bedroom door and go in my bathroom. I start with my knee lenght dress. The dress is more casual than formal. Its a bright blue dress with no straps. I apply my contacts, because who wants a famous person with nerd glasses? After that I apply a deep shade of blush that mixes well with my darker skin tone. I add the rest of my makeup and look in the mirror. I still cant believe that me. I put my hair cap on and find my jet black wig. The wig has a bit of curl in it, unlike my hair which is always straight. I put in my invisalign, yes I need it, got problem? I cover up my tattoo on my wrist, incase anyone i know sees.

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