That girl has a secret

"That girl has a secret, and I'm determined to find out what it is"

Frankie Lukes, your average girl right? Haha not even close. Frankie is secretly famous popstar, Courtney Reed. Courtney was hired for the one and only Harry Styles. She thinks feelings arise. At first Harry feels the same, but he is just doing this for management. Man had she been fooled. But what if one member of the band really falls for her but she's stuck with Styles for another year until the contract runs out. Will Modest come between true love, or will Harry end up falling for his handle bar?


9. Chapter 8: Harry's Apartment

Courtney POV:

I put on my pajamas and get a pull string bag out. I put my glasses in and clothes for Tommorow. I hate this. I have to sleep in my wig, makeup, and have to wear my contacts til bed. I hate those things. I'll just say they are fake glasses. That'll work.

"I'm leaving mom" I yell. "Why do you always leave?" She snaps back. "To hangout with people" I reply stupidly. "Your never home anymore" She snaps back. "Your the one who wanted me to make friends" I said slamming the door behind me. It wasn't needed. I get in my dads car and drive towards Harry's. I would have walked but people would recognize me. I get a few texts every so often but I ignore them, not wanting to crash. I pull into Harry's apartment complex. I walk to his room and knock awkwardly. The door opens instantly as if he were waiting. He smelled as if cinnamon and vanilla had baby. It smelled amazing. His hair was sticking out of his beanie and he had a blue button up with skinny jeans.

"Hey Courtney" Harry says rubbing the back of his neck. "Harry" I say smiling. He smirks at me and moves so I could come in. "You know, I feel bad" I say. "And why is that?" Harry asks still smiling. "You look nice ad I'm in pajama shorts and a Tshirt" I laugh. Harry laughs and sits down. "What you want to do?" Harry asks. I laugh at his grammar and say "How about, you change into pajamas so I can stop feeling bad" I giggle. He rolls his eyes and walks away. I can hear his low chuckle from the other room. I go to my bag quickly and grab my glasses. I stick them in my shirt and walk into the bathroom. I lock the door and take out my contacts. I put them in the liquid and put in my glasses. It feels so much better. I walk out and put my contact container away. Harry walks out of the room and gives me a strange look.

"It makes me feel smarter" I say. "Are they real?" He asks. "No" I lie. "Lemme see em" He whines. "No" I say sticking my tongue out at him. Harry comes running after me. I scream and run aroun his apartment. He almost has me as I run outside. I run into the grass out front. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me to the ground. The space between us was getting smaller and smaller by second. It feels like it's only us in the world. My chest fills with anxiety as we continue. After awhile we separate, smiling. He reaches for my glasses and I slap his hand. I get up and walk inside, Harry rushing to my side. At that moment, I mentally thanked my mom for saying yes when I declined. Maybe he's just doing this for publicity still? Maybe he really doesn't like me.

"Let's watch a movie" Harry suggests. "Sure" I agree pulling out my phone. "What movie?" He asks. "Surprise me" I say. I open twitter and see #HaurtneyForever trending. "Harry look!" I say showing him. She smiles brightly and continues picking out a movie. I go through the tweets and see pictures of us outside just now. "How do they get these?" I ask myself. I love Harry's fans. Directioners is what they call themselfs, right? My fans call themselves Reeders. Sounds like they like books. Get it? I laugh at my stupid joke and Harry looks at me like I've gone mad. I burst out laughing again and he shakes his head laughing.

"How about White Chicks" Harry asks. "White Chicks?" I ask confused. What is white chicks? "Were you deprived?" He ask shocked. "My mom doesn't give me much free time" I sigh. He puts the movie in and sits on the couch next to me. My head lays on his shoulder and his arm goes around me as the movie starts.


"That movie was hilarious!" I say laughing. Man, we laugh a lot. "What now?" He asks. "Lets do a twitcam!" I yell excitedly. "People are sleeping" Harry whispers with a wink. He sets up the twitcam and I tweet about it

'@CourtneyReeds: @HarryStyles and I are doing a twitcam!!

Seconds later, there is already many replies, favorites, retweets, and views on our video. All the video is right now is us getting ready, yet there is thousands of comments coming in. 3028 views already and I tweeted about it 2 minutes ago. The fandoms are coming together! 6916 views! We sit down and start the twitcam.

"Hey guys!" I say. "Hey guys, lets do something. Send us challenges to do and we will attempt them" Harry grins. This first one I see is Do The Splits. I Stand up and easily slide to the ground. Harry flinches and his eyes go wide. Harry attempts and can't go down. He puts his legs behind him and pretends to do it. I laugh and we countine trying the challenges. Some of the other challenges we did were Balance coins on your forehead, See How many marshmallows we can eat in 30 seconds, and how many warheads you can stick in your mouth without spitting it out for a minute.

"Now, Let's call a few of you" Harry suggests. I pull out my phone as many numbers come in. I find one quickly and dial it. "Hello?" The girl on the other end says. "Hey" I say waving. The girl screams. "How are you?" Harry asks. "I'm perfect now" She says crying. "That's perfect" I say smiling. "I love you guys" She says. "Are you a Reeder or a Directioner?" I ask. "Well, I was a hardcore reeder then One direction came along and I loved them too. But I've been a fan of both since the beginning" She says the best she can. We laugh and I say "Well, I'll let you go" I say. Then hang up. Harry starts talking as I go and sit down on the couch.


I talk to the fans as I see comments saying "Courtney's asleep!" Or "Aweeeeee". I turn around and see Courtney laying down with her head face down and her body slowly falling off the couch. "Hold on" I say to the camera and walk over to Courtney. I pick her up and lay her down normally. I run in my room and grab my large blanket and place it around her. I go back to the computer screen and see a bunch of #HaurtneyForever. I chuckle and say "Hashtag Yeah". A few more comments come in saying "Harry, your good at hashtags xD" I smile and look at the clock. "It's 1 am, you guys are keeping me up" I say laughing. "I'm going to bed" I say. I take a moment to read the comments. "Let us watch you sleep!" I bust out laughing then say "None of you will watch all night" A few come in saying "I will". "Okay I'll make you a bet. Tweet me every half an hour until I end it, and I'll follow you." I say. A bunch of comments come in saying "Deal".

I go and lay down next to Courtney and soon I fall asleep.


Hey guys!:) Longish chapter right?? Haha I'm watching Cake boss so I keep getting distracted with FOOD!:) It's almost bed time... I have a game Tommorow but I for care. All nighter. #TurnUp Just Kidding. If I stay up past 10 on a school night, I won't wake up xD anyways, you guys should Kik me! NarryStylinson111111. That's 6 11's. I'm a nice person, unless I don't like you. Don't make me not like you.... THANKS FOR READING LOVES!!!!!!!!!!












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