That girl has a secret

"That girl has a secret, and I'm determined to find out what it is"

Frankie Lukes, your average girl right? Haha not even close. Frankie is secretly famous popstar, Courtney Reed. Courtney was hired for the one and only Harry Styles. She thinks feelings arise. At first Harry feels the same, but he is just doing this for management. Man had she been fooled. But what if one member of the band really falls for her but she's stuck with Styles for another year until the contract runs out. Will Modest come between true love, or will Harry end up falling for his handle bar?


18. Chapter 16: This again...

Frankie POV:

I lay down on my bed trying to get my mind off Niall and Harry. What's wrong with me? Please god tell me, why must I always do this to myself? And why I'm craving waffles. That I would really like to know..


Wait, I just said lol in my head. I'm literally going to an mental institution..

I scroll through my phone and see Wattpad on there still. Holy crap those were the days. Thoses beib ones doh. Urg they caused me so much pain. Ooo! Lets read One direction ones!!! This has to be good. I click on the number one fan fiction.


I walk down into the living room with my phone stuck to my face. God why was this so good? Ehy am I reading about them when they are all in the kitchen. Eh who cares. I lay down on the couch, still reading the fan fiction. Liam just kissed Avery while dating Harry. "Liam you little prick! Avery is all Harrys" I yell at my phone. I continue reading as I hear coughing from the other side of the room. Everyone is standing there staring at me. Liam's face is scared and Harry is gleaming.

"Where is Courtney?" Harry asks.

They all walked out of the room. Yay back to reading! Harry just found out about the kiss! I repeat he just found out! You know those little squeals you make while reading? Yeah well I just squealed of horror. God what has this fanfic done to me? I hear snickering in the corner. I look up and see Louis beginning to crack up in the corner.

"What are you doing anyways?" Louis asks scooting towards me. "Nothing" I tell and pull my phone to my chest to hide the screen.

"Frankie?" Louis asks stretching the "e" out. I giggle. "I'll tickle you" Louis threatens. "Nooo please" I plead. "Show me your phone" Louis says. I lift my phone up, screen facing me. "Isn't she beautiful?" I ask, admiring my phone. Louis smirks and launches on me. He starts tickling me. "L-ouis, le-t me goo" I say inbetween breaths. "Let me see your phone!" Louis demands.

"Never" I say trying to get up with all might. He tickles me faster and I squirm around. The phone falls out of my pocket and Louis quickly snatches it and runs into the closet, locking the door behind him.

"Louis William Tomlinson leg me in right now!" I yell.

"Leg?" Louis giggles like a little girl. I roll my eyes and pound on the door. I start babbling in Spanish I think. Zayn runs into the room.

"What in the heck is going on here?" Zayn asks frantically. Oo Frankie used a big word. A+ for me. High five Frankie! "frank" Zayn yells. He called me Frank. Frank. Ew. I scringe. "Zaynie, He stole my phone!" I pout. Zayn looks at me like I'm the most retarded person on earth. He grabs a coin out of his pocket and picks the lock. I knew that! The door swings open to see a wided eye Louis. "Frankie reads fanfic" Lou chants throughout the house. I groan and reach for my phone.

"Nah, I want to see what else you have on here" Louis says with a smirk. He spins around and I rip the phone away when he wasn't looking. I took off in the kitchen. I ran and hid inbetween the fridge and the counter.

"Where are you, red!" Louis yells. Red? It's not as bad as Frank. I hear a loud thump. "Ow" He groans. I laugh silently. Louis laughs very loudly on purpose. Louis sneaks up and comes in front of me.

"Are you going to give me the phone?" Louis asks, his warm breath can be felt on my face. I swear he is getting closer. Why is he getting closer?! Just as his lip brushed mine I jumped back farther. Louis rubs his forehead angrily. "I'm so sorry Frankie" Louis says slamming his fist on the counter. I run to Eleanor's quest room. I guess I should call it my room now.. I slam the door and ball up.

I've had something "gushy" happen three fifths of One direction. We'll almost three. I'm such a slut. I can't blame myself can I? Yes! What about Eleanor! She's my best friend and her boyfriend just tried to kiss me! Should I tell her? I cant! I need to.. I need to stop arguing with myself..

Someone knocked on the door softly. I ignored it. "Please let me in" A voice says. I think it's Liam. I unlock it and Liam slides in. "Are you okay?" Liam asks, rubbing my knee. "Yeah" I lie, staring at the wall. "Your lying to me" Liam says turning my face to face his. He looks straight into me eyes. "What happened?" Liam asks, demanding an answer. "Lou tried to kiss me" I whisper looking away in shame.


Louis POV:

What the hell is wrong with me!? I have Eleanor why did I try to kiss Frankie! I'm so fucking stupid. She was just there and she GOD!


Hi guys!

How ya been?

That's good!

Sorry for this chapter!

I blame Obama...

I love you all!


and food!


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