That girl has a secret

"That girl has a secret, and I'm determined to find out what it is"

Frankie Lukes, your average girl right? Haha not even close. Frankie is secretly famous popstar, Courtney Reed. Courtney was hired for the one and only Harry Styles. She thinks feelings arise. At first Harry feels the same, but he is just doing this for management. Man had she been fooled. But what if one member of the band really falls for her but she's stuck with Styles for another year until the contract runs out. Will Modest come between true love, or will Harry end up falling for his handle bar?


17. Chapter 15: The Unexpected

Oh my god guys if you haven't read Take me to Paris, your missing out on life. I literally can't even.. (Wattpad)

1...2...3.. STORY TIME

Frankie POV:

"Why do you mean Harry? You honestly just said you can't stand" Liam shrieks.

"It's just, I was stressed yesterday and hated everyone at the time" Harry says.

"Well you need to make up your god damn mind before you hurt her even more." Liam says angrily. I hear Harry sigh and Liam walk away.

I instantly feel a heavy rock resting at the bottom of my stomach. How come they don't realize they are right by my room? What the hell is Harry talking about anyways? I hear a quite knock at the door. "Go away" I yell annoyed. Harry walks in.

"Go away means, walk away not come on in" I say with a sarcastic smile.

"We need to talk" Harry says ignoring my statement. "About you not knowing the meaning of going away?" I say rolling my eyes. "No. About us" Harry says looking me dead in the eye. "There's nothing to talk about" I say looking right back. Harry puts his hand on mine. I rip it back to my stomach.

"Listen, yesterday I was upset about well everything. I know what I said was wrong and you have all rights to hate me but please, forgive me?" Harry asks. " Why were you upset?" I ask dodging his question. "Ita nothing." He says looking away. "Why were you upset!" I say through gritted teeth. "My moms hurt okay!" He yells running a hand through his curls.

"Harry I'm so sorry" I say forgetting yesterday for just a moment. I hug him. He hugs me back tighter. We pull apart and I swear a year fell from his eye. "It's okay to cry Haz" I say wiping the one fallen tear off his cheek. With that we hug again and I fell my shoulder get wet. Usually this is the other way around but I promise anyone would do this. Harry looks me in the eye. I swear neither of us blink. You'll never know how green his eyes are until you stare into them.

Harry does the unexpected. He kisses me.

I now realize what that rock was.

That rock was Harry....


Lol guy this is starting to confuse me xD Anyways I was listening to Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran when I had Harry kiss her. I wasn't planning on it but the song just inspired me to, Mix it up;) You'll understand sooner or later.


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