That girl has a secret

"That girl has a secret, and I'm determined to find out what it is"

Frankie Lukes, your average girl right? Haha not even close. Frankie is secretly famous popstar, Courtney Reed. Courtney was hired for the one and only Harry Styles. She thinks feelings arise. At first Harry feels the same, but he is just doing this for management. Man had she been fooled. But what if one member of the band really falls for her but she's stuck with Styles for another year until the contract runs out. Will Modest come between true love, or will Harry end up falling for his handle bar?


1. Chapter 1: This is me

My name is Frankie Lukes. I'm your average girl, red hair that flows down below my chest, bright green eyes. I am 19 years old, the oldest in my large family. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. May I say, annoying. My sisters are 9, 13, 15. My brother and I are twins. Oh I think I for got to mention something! I live the Hannah Montana life.

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