The Life of Katie Walsh

This is a story, based on something real.

"You're my best friend." He whispered.

"You're mine too"

Katie and James are best friends. They tell each other everything, and even briefly dated, although they broke it off, because it was too awkward. Their relationship goes under strain as they move up to high school, with new friends and new crushes. This is the story of everything that happens to them.

*Warning* contains flashbacks and P.O.V changes.


1. First Days


"OMG!!!! It's our first DAYYYY!"


"Emz calm down! God I am loving my new blazer!" Emily burst out laughing and I joined in.


"What are you ladies laughing at." Grinned James as he glided up behind us and slung his arms over our shoulders. I laughed and shoved him off me.


"Go make some real friends, or people might think your gay." I laughed as he pouted.


"What if I am?" I gaped at his serious face.




"Shut it James." I sulked. We were only joking. This was our usual banter


"Move it freshmen! God you guys are sooo annoying." The guy had a really high pitched voice so we all just burst out laughing. He grumbled and walked away. 


"Now who's a fruitcake!"


"James!" I swatted him "Never judge a book by its cover!"


"Whatever dude, I have to get to class." He grinned again and walked off. Emz wiggled her eyebrows. 


"Do you guys think you'll ever go out again?" I looked at her, suddenly tired.


"Don't even go there Emz, I'm through with boys at the mo."


"Whatevs sweetheart."






Short chapter I know, but oh well! So I'm gonna continue with this 'story'

so um yeah.



I like pizza




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