Only for you

A Justin Bieber fan fiction about Kylie Braun and Justin and their hate for each other turning into something they never dreamed would happen.


5. chapter 5

I woke up the next morning in the room I had rented there was fruit on the table in front of me I took and apple and I grabbed a water from the fridge and sat back down on the bed and switched on the tv.

I turned my phone back on only to find that I had plenty of missed calls and messages from my dad, fredo, pattie, dan,ryan and I surprisingly had a few from justin.

After going I twitter I decided I wanted to go back so I called someone I never thought I would for help. I dialled the number and it start to ring.

Justin: hello

Kylie: hey justin it's Kylie

Justin: where the fuck are you everyone's really worried

Kylie: ok I don't need a lecture can you please pick me up but just don't tell my dad....... Please justin

Justin: alright fine text me the address.

Kylie: ok and justin

Justin: yeah?

Kylie: thank you

With that I hung up ok well this could either go really well or really bad. Personally I'm thinking really bad. Fuck I should have just walked.


Heyy guys's hope you like this update!!

I know it's really short and I'm sooo sorry for that but I didn't have enough time sorryy xox

How is the drive gonna go bad or good?

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