Only for you

A Justin Bieber fan fiction about Kylie Braun and Justin and their hate for each other turning into something they never dreamed would happen.


4. chapter 4

After what seemed like hours of justin poking me and whispering nasty things in my ear we finally arrived at the airport.

We didn't have to go through passport control or anything because we had a private plane but we had to go through it on the other side.

As I boarded the plane it was actually really nice it had tables a fridge sofas stuff like that. I went and sat down on the chair opposite two other chairs and a table in between. I sat beside the window and pattie sat opposite me and Alfredo sat beside me.

"So where are we heading first?" I asked actually really wanting to know.

"We are starting the tour off in Mexico and then working our way around the world! It's going to be a year and a half it's going to be great trip I just know it!" Pattie chirped. I love patties she's so sweet but how did she ever create a monster like justin?

I sighed and plugged in my earphones bracing myself for the trip ahead.

I must have fallen asleep because I woke up and we were in the air.

Someone was tapping my shoulder I looked up to see Kenny I smiled at him "sorry to wake you Ky but do you want anything?"

I actually was kind of hungry "I'll get something myself I feel a bit stiff" he nodded and walked away. I undid my seat belt and carefully climbed over Alfredo so i wouldn't wake him.

After I successfully did that I walked over to the fruit basket on top of the fridge and took an apple. I looked around the jet. It was only Kenny, Pattie, justin, dan, Alfredo, ryan, dad and I.

The dancers and scrappy and stuff must already be there. I saw dad sitting on the couch by himself. I looked around the room. Everyone was asleep or watching a movie with earphones in and stuff so I thought I should go and talk to home now.

"Hey" I smiled as I sat down he looked at me blankly an looked back at his computer. Ok now I feel bad. "Look dad I'm sorry ok and I know it's not just enough to say sorry therefore I'm willing to take and punishment that you throw at me."

He look his gaze away from his computer and looked at me. "An I know it's not easy to parent by yourself and I know I haven't made it easy but I love you" smiled and pulled me into a bone crushing hug.

"I know Ky I love you too and it takes a lot to really admit that you've done something wrong and accept a punishment that's why I'm not going to punish you" what did he really just say that did I just get away with that! Hah omg this is great! Thank you lord!

"Thanks dad I'll let you do your work I'm going to eat my apple and go to sleep" he kissed my forehead and went back to work.

When I woke up we ha landed in Mexico and I was so excited to explore the city.

A little later we arrived at the hotel and were given our rooms. I was on floor number 6 and so was my best friend justin...... I found the elevator and pressed the up button.

"Oh look who it is the little whore" justin hissed.

"Oh piss off justin don't you have anything better to do?" I replied ugh I hate this child.

He glared at me and the elevator opened and people emptied out. I walked in with all my luggage and so did justin Alfredo was about to come in.

"Fredo what are you doing you can't come in too it will break especially with this elephant in the corner" he spoke pointing at me. Alfredo nodded and back up.

"Aww is little Bieber afraid of elevators?" I cooed.

"No I'm not now shut up mouth you little whore" he growled.

"I'm nothing compared to your little sluts you have over every week!"

He was now seriously annoyed "I told you to shut up didn't i? I chuckled and the doors opened Justin burst out I followed and made my way to my room.

My room was big and comfortable. I put my stuff in my bedroom in not bothering to unpack because we aren't here for very long.

I was on my laptop in the sitting room when I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in it's open" I yelled. I walked Alfredo, Dan and ryan. "Hey Ky" they all smiled.

"Hey guys not to be rude or anything but why are you in here shouldn't you be with justin?" I asked earning a chicle from them as they sat down.

"He went out to the club and ditched is for Khalil and Za" dan said. Well that makes sence.

"I hope he doesn't bring any girls back because his rooms beside mine!" I said only realising that could possibly happen. I started to freak out.

"Hey if that happens you can come down to my room" Alfredo laughed. Thank god I ran over and hugged and thanked him. They all laughed at me.

The ring tone of my white iPhone 5s went off indicating I had an incoming call. I got off Alfredo to pick it up I looked at the caller id I was Shane yayyy. " Sorry I kinda need to take this" they all nodded as I ran off into my room to answer it.

Kylie: hello

Shane: hey baby

Kylie: you have no idea how nice it is to hear your voice babe

Shane: yours too, you know I miss you like crazy Ky

Kylie: I miss you too

Shane: seeing you last night was a surprise

Kylie: well I had to get my goodbye kiss

Shane: haha your cute

Kylie: I know

Shane: well I gotta go baby I hope you don't kill that bieber kid see you when I'm back

Kylie: bye baby

Shane: bye Ky

I ended the call with Shane if you wondering who Shane is I met him when my dad met justin. At that time I was going out with this guy called Jamie.

I lost my virginity to this guy because he was persuasive and when I realised that he was not a nice person I dumped him.

After that Shane and I had an open relationship and we hooked up a lot but Shane was sweet and totally hot. He had a cute smile and messy brown Hair and he was so toned.

I was going back to the door and I opened my door so see fredo falling into me. "OMG were you eavesdropping?" He looked up at me innocently and then ran away yelling

"Kylie has a boyfriend" and me running after him yelling "now I don't".

I stopped when I bumped into someone that I hoped was fredo but it wasn't it was some that I really did not want to hear what I was saying.

I looked up to see justin standing there with a smug look on his face.

"What are you doing here?" I growled.

"I came to join the fun after I heard your interesting call to your 'babe'" he laughed.

The look on his face made me want to slap him. "I thought you went to the club"

"Who goes to the club at 6:00?" He asked walking closer to me. I felt like he was getting too close so I pushed him away.

"Manwhores like you" he laughed at that remark.

"Ok whatever where's your dad" he asked. I choose not to reply due to the fact I knew why he wanted to find him.

"Not gonna tell ok i'll go find him myself"

He walked into the sitting room me following behind him. I saw Alfredo, ryan, Dan and some one else who then turned to face me ahh shit.

"Hey scoot I've got some really interesting news" justin smirked. Dad raised his eyebrows indicating justin to continue.

"Is anyone hungry I'm hungry who wants to go to dinner?" I asked trying to change the subject which didn't work. I'm so screwed.

"Well scooter your darling daughter over there has a boyfriend" dad turn to look at me.

"You have a boyfriend?" He asked. I think he found it quite hard to get his head around.

"He's no-"

"I know right she has a boyfriend it's hard to believe I mean who would date her?" He laughed while interrupting me.

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted he's not my boyfriend we're just friends" I said confidently.

"With benefits" justin added and I nodded knowing they would all find out anyway.

"Who is he?" dad asked "it's Shane isn't is?" I nodded. Dad and Shane don't really get along. "your not allowed to see him" he demanded.

Ok well that made me laugh because I won't be able to see him for a year and a half because LA is our last stop.

"What makes you think I'm going to see him anyway? I'm not going home for a year and a half?" Everyone laughed a little but soon stopped because they clearly didn't want to disrupt our heat conversation.

"Good because he's a bad kid, he uses girls?" He said ok that was funny.

"Shane uses girls yeah that's funny because so does your pride and glory right there!" I laughed pointing to justin. Justin was about to say something when dad spoke up.

"I just don't want you to loose it to some jerk" he shouted. Ok there's no need to shout but since you did so will I.

"You mean my virginity?" I asked.

He nodded and I laughed again everyone looking quite confused even justin.

"You seriously think I'm a virgin?" I chuckled.

"You better hope to god you are kylie" my dad screamed at me he was clearly beyond pissed.

"Oh shit Kylie's been dropping her panties" justin chuckled clearly regretting it.

"Shut up justin" dad screamed "Kylie answer the damn question with the truth"

I walked towards him and told him the answer straight up "I'm not a god damn virgin and yes justin I have been 'dropping my panties' and it was fun"

I told them looking right in my dad's eyes.

The next thing I know I felt a stinging pain across my cheek. he slapped me my dad, scooter Braun just slapped my.


Your a jerk" I scream before storming out I heard him call after me but nothing could stop me now. I sprinted down the stairs and out of the hotel.

I ran not knowing where I was going but it's not like I cared. I can't believe he just did that he slapped me.

I ran for about an hour until I stopped outside I nice looking hotel. I put my hand in my back pocket feeling that I had money in there I took it out $100. That's enough for one night right?

I walked up to the desk and asked the lady sitting behind it if I could have a room for a night. I gave her the money it was only $80 a night so I had $20 left.

She gave me the room key and made my way up to my room. The room deffinatly wasn't as nice as my room at the other hotel. I walked over to the bed and lay down under the covers and fell fast asleep not wanting to eat, think or live.


Ahh crazy chapter!!!!!!

Oh and by the way Shane is zac efron!

Hope you enjoy the story!

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