Only for you

A Justin Bieber fan fiction about Kylie Braun and Justin and their hate for each other turning into something they never dreamed would happen.


3. chapter 3

It was 2:30 when I decided to sneak inside again. I climbed backup the tree only to find that some idiot had closed my window!

"How am I going to get back in?!?!" I whispered. I sat on the branch trying to think of a way. I felt something sticking into my butt through the pocket of my jeans.

I reached into my pocket and pulled it out. It was the key to the door of the house. Genius!

I kissed the key got back to to the ground and went over to the front doors checking the windows to make sure there was no one there.

I put the key in the keyhole quietly and turned it. It clicked indicating it was open. I crept in quietly an slowly and I shut the door behind me, as I turned to face the stairs there was the person I really didn't want to see.

"Where were you young lady?" Fuck I was caught. I'm so dead.

"I was out" I smiled trying to play it cool as I put my keys on the table.

"Don't be smart with me!" My dad snapped. I stopped to look at him as I knew he was really mad.

"Let me guess you want the truth?" he nodded, trying not to explode.

"Well as you know I didn't eat earlier and once I was finished packing I was starving and I didn't want to go down stairs because then you would be like 'I knew you were hungry' so I snuck out to get some food and see my friends before we left because I knew you weren't going to give me a chance to say goodbye because you don't really like any of them except for tiegan"

"What made you think you could sneak out at night and get away with it and leave your phone behind" he glared at me. I swear if looks could kill I would be dead.

"Oh no I forgot my phone well your always telling me to leave it behind when we go out so I decided I'd so as you always ask me to! I knew I wouldn't get away with it but I decided to have some fun before I was shipped around the world against my will!"

He just looked at me "I'm disappointed in you Kylie. where did my sweet little princess go?"

Oh no he did not just just say that! Fuck him ugh! "You traded her for that talentless ass that goes by the name of justin fucking bieber" I screamed at him because he already knew that.

"Go to bed we will talk about this in the morning" with that I walked away crashed onto my bed and fell straight to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to someone knocking on my door and then walking in and opening my curtains.

"Kylie get up we're leaving in 45 minutes" my dad muttered.

I slowly sat up and watched him leave the room and shut the door behind him. I got up knowing that he really wasn't in the mood for my shit this morning.

I stumbled into the bathroom stripping of the clothes from yesterday and hopping into the shower. the hot water instantly hitting my bare skin making my feel fresh.

After about 15 minutes I got out and wrapped a towel around my body, then changing into the clothes I had left out for myself which was a pair of light washed denim jeans that were rolled up at the bottom, a grey tank top, a long crimson cardigan and a pair of white vans.

I then quickly dried my hair letting my naturally wavy hair cascade down my back and I put on some basic makeup and found everyone else in the sitting room as soon as I walked in all eyes were on me and I wondered why.... Oh wait I remember my dad and his big mouth.

"How was your adventure lastnight?" justin asked ugh little ass. I just glared at him as a smirk was placed on his face.

"Ok let's go" dad said obviously trying to avoid the conversation. I saw my bags in the hallway some one must have brought them down for me.

I picked them up trying to take them all at once but then someone I looked up to see Alfredo smiling at me.

"Here you take this one I'll take these" he said while grabbing the biggest and the second smallest suitcases and I to the medium one and the small carry on backpack.

I followed him out to the car and placed them inside the big SUV.

"Thanks fredo" I smiled as I sat inside the car and he slid in beside me.

"No problem wanna talk about it?" He was clearly talking about lastnight.

"He thinks I'm a 5 year old! I mean when justin was my age he did whatever he wanted and dad treats him like a son but when it comes to me I'm under lock and key literally!" I sighed. He put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him.

"He just wants you to be safe, we all do I mean what if something happened to you lastnight! I know nothing did but what if? He just wants to protect you! Your all he has left" I placed me head on his shoulder.

"I guess but he'll still have justin I mean Justin's like his treasure!"

Alfredo laughed at me "he does not love justin as much as you! No way! He's doing this all by himself don't forget, it's hard to raise girls he just needs your help. He loves you ky we all do. He has a lot on his plate right now but he's worried about you he just needs to know your ok" I nod knowing what he is getting at.

"Thanks fredo" I smiled as I kissed his cheek. The door beside my opened and in popped the devil.... Justin.

"Ew get a room" he must have seen me kiss freedoms cheek and spotted his arm around me.

"You jealous bieber" fredo asked. He looked at us in disgust and shook his head as he hopped inside at the same time patties and the driver did.

This is going to be a very long ride...


Ahh hope y'all like it!!!

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