Only for you

A Justin Bieber fan fiction about Kylie Braun and Justin and their hate for each other turning into something they never dreamed would happen.


2. chapter 2

"Kylie get up" someone said while tugging at my duvet while I was trying to enjoy my slumber.

"Go away" I mumbled as the tugging got harder. The tugging stopped and I heard footsteps leaving my room.

Well that's weird because no one ever listens to me and when I say that I mean my dad and justin.

I was just falling back to sleep when I felt freezing cold water cover me causing a scream to escape my mouth and my eyes to spring open to see justin laughing his butt off rolling on the floor.

"OMG what the hell was that for?" I screamed at him jumping out of bed and into my bathroom.

"You wouldn't get up" he laughed still lying on the floor trying to get over how 'funny' it was to poor water on me. Yeah well now it's my turn.

I came out of the bathroom with a bucket of water behind my back and quickly poured it on him before he had time to notice.

"You bitch" justin yelled at me as I was hysterically laughing while trying to keep my self from falling over.

Justin's face was priceless and I mean that absolutely priceless as he glared at me as I was getting my self back together.

Suddenly I felt someone's presence behind me and who was it none other than my dad.

"What on earth happened in here?" He shouted clearly pissed off at the mess we made. He have us both stares as we pointed at each other.

"Justin downstairs right now and Kylie clean up this mess and join us in my office" he said as he turned and walked out of my room before I had time to argue.

Ugh this is so unfair I always get blamed for everything because my dad is bloody blind! I got some towel to clean the water off the wooden floor boards and then striped my bed so I could replace everything that was wet and once I was finally finished I joined justin and my dad in his office.

When I walked in they were both talking but let out a laugh when they saw how angry I was and probably because I was still soaking and justin was clean and dry. But they both stopes when I gave them a glare.

"Kylie I have some news that I think you will enjoy" my dad smiled.

"Oh yeah and why do I find that hard to believe?"

"Attitude Kylie, anyway I know how you have always wanted to explore the world, well I'm giving you that chance" he smiled but Justin was sniggering so I knew there was something else that had to be explained.

"What's the catch"

He exchanged glances between justin and I. "Well Justin's going on your again so your coming with us" he stuttered.

My mouth fell open I was fuming "what no I'm not going and where I'm staying right here in LA like I did the last time you went on tour! I can't leave I have my whole life here all my friends"

"What friends" Justin sniggered and we both looked at him as he raised his hands as if to surrender as he left the room.

"I'm sorry Kylie but that's not an option this time and you can bring a friend when they have time off school"

I began to pace the room to try to contain my anger as it would only get me into trouble.

"And why isn't it an option huh? I was perfectly fine here with Casey last time"

"Well that's not what she said because apparently you snuck out a few times, was almost always late for curfew, had party's all the time and you brought boys home and you lied to me about it" he shouted standing up.

"Well first of all I never lied to you about it because you never fucking asked all you cared about when you came back was getting justin another damn album! Oh and I'm sorry for trying to have a life of my own trying to make up the time I should have been spending with you but you weren't there! And I'm sorry for having a boyfriend and trying to tell you about it and for coming home late! But hey at least I'm not like you, I get good grades you didn't, I don't disappear for days with out calling! yeah I know that how stupid do you think I am? A-" I screamed until he had finally had enough and cut me off.

"Kylie that's enough I'm sick of your attitude and trying to compare yourself to me. Go and pack we are leaving tomorrow" he sat back down in his chair trying to clean it.

"But -" he didn't even look at me he just kept his eyes on his desk.

" No buts Kylie go and pack NOW!" He said emphasising the now. I stormed out of his office past justin as I made my way to my room.

"In a hurry to pack now are we Kylie?" He yelled after me sarcasm dripping from his voice. Ugh I hate that child. I slammed my door making it very clear that I was very mad.

I decided to call my best friend tiegan to tell he all about my eventful morning. I was talking to her for a few hours while packing everything I needed to go on the stupid tour.

When we hung up I realised it was 6:30 I was a bit shocked but that thought was sept from my head as I heard a knock on the door.

"Kylie dinners ready" I heard the voice say knowing it was my dad. I felt the anger inside me begin to rise again.

"Kylie dinn-" what does he think I'm deaf?

"I heard you the first time, I'm not hungry" I'm trying to not lash out on him because i know the results won't be good if I do.

"Come on Kylie it's pizza" that sounds so tempting but I'm going to stand my ground.

"I'm not hungry so if you don't mind I'd like to finish packing" I lied. Ok I'm starving and I don't want to finish packing I'd actually like to completely unpack. Ugh I hate this!

9:00 ok that's not bad I packed everything I needed and laid out my clothes for the next day.

I sat on the end of my bed wondering what to do as I wasn't tired at all. I heard my tummy grumble for about the 100 time. I knew I couldn't go downstairs because everyone was still awake. So I decided to do what I always do I decided to sneak out.

I switched off my light and put a pillow under my duvet to make it look like I was there. I carefully opened my window and climbed onto the tree outside it. I closed the window over but not completely because I'm not stupid. I then clambered down and ran.


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