Only for you

A Justin Bieber fan fiction about Kylie Braun and Justin and their hate for each other turning into something they never dreamed would happen.


1. chapter 1

Well let me tell you a bit about myself, I'm Kylie, Kylie Braun I'm 17. I have brown hair that ends just above me waist and green eyes. My mother died in a car accident hen I was 12 I've never been the same since.

I'm Scooter Brauns daughter, you may think this is great anything I ask for I could have? No it's awful I hate not having to do things for myself, I hate not having to try to make my own way in life.

Oh and you also probably think having the chance to hang out with Justin Bieber is amazing and I'm so lucky. Well I'm not because he's a douche and I hate him with all I've got!


This is my first fan fiction so I hope you all like it!!

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