I Keep Losing.

Emma and Liam went to the same school in Wolverhampton when he applies to x-factor 2010. What happens when they meet?


5. The party.

* Emma *

In the morning I just sat on the couch with Sixten in my lap. I assumed I wouldn't need to fix me until tonight.

At 2 P.M. I decided to start to fix me. I put on my burgundy dress, makeup, a pair of converse and attracted my hair.

I looked in the mirror one last time before I went to the hall and put on my jacket.

I looked down at Sixten who was meowing. ''If I could, I would bring you but I can't . But I promise I will come home before 12 right?''

I sat down with him and kissed his forehead quickly and patted him a few times.

I walked out of the apartment and into my car.

When I got there it was several cars outside.

I went out of the car and went to the guards who would receive the tickets.

I raised my ticket out of my coat pocket and gave him.

They nodded. ''I can take your jacket.'' Said one of them, and I nodded.

I gave it to him and quickly took out my wallet and phone out of it.

I went in and stood behind everyone. There was a big crowd in front of me.

One Direction were on the scnen and I saw Liam. I smiled and looked pleased for him because I knew him.

''Hello!'' Said Harry who was standing in the middle of the stage.

''So, we just want to thank everyone for coming tonight for our book release.'' Said Lou and looked out over the audience.

''So, Mingle!'' Said Zayn and everyone clapped.

They put down the microphones away and walked off the stage.

There, a waiter came and gave me a glass of champaign. I thanked him for it and drank a little out of the glass.

I looked around and didn't know who I could talk to. I sat on the windowsill and looked around. Liam was standing with another girl who I assumed was Sophia.

She looked to complain about him while he was just trying to calm her down.

I saw then around the other and looked down into my glass.

Sophia complained that she has risen in dog poop when she would go into the house and that she wanted new shoes. Liam gave her her spare shoes and she disappeared into the bathroom.

I saw Liam come to me and smiled faintly to myself. He stood beside me cu I guess I seemed to be the only one that was alone.

He looked around and then at me. I met his gaze and smiled.

''Hey! I know you'' He said and turned towards me. 

I nodded and looked at him. ''I was the shy girl in school.'' I said and drank some of the Champaign. He nodded and looked at me.

''Emma, right?'' He smiled.

''Yes. Emma.'' I replied.

''You were the girl who always used to look when the guys were teasing me.'' I nodded weakly.

''I always stood and imagined that I stopped them. Like I placed myself in front of you but it never happened... And I'm sorry about it.''

He smiled and looked at his glass. ''Don't be, And you were probably the first who wanted to do it. Everyone else just went past all the time.''

I nodded and looked around. ''After you got famous they all said that they knew you and you were best buddies and so.''

He laughed a little. ''Really?'' I laughed slightly and looked at him. He smiled and looked at me.

''So, How are you?''

''Well i'm okay. I work in the hotel and my boss gave me a ticket here so it 's good.'' I smiled.

''And you have a boyfriend? And the children?'' He asked.

I laughed a little and looked at him. ''I'm only 18, so no. I have my cat.'' I Laughed. 

He nodded. ''And you? ''

''I don't have children but a girlfriend and we are considering getting a dog.''

He said. ''But not one of the same race as the Brit.''

I nodded and smiled. ''I like Brit.'' I said. When he and Karen used to take Brit for a walk I always patted him. 

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