I Keep Losing.

Emma and Liam went to the same school in Wolverhampton when he applies to x-factor 2010. What happens when they meet?


2. Sophiam.

* Liam *

I sighed when Sophia came into the room. She had just been out at Starbucks with some friends.

''Liam! I need $ 12.000. I have to buy a dress.'' She said and picked up her leather jacket and her bag which even I had bought for her.

She had probably forgotten it before she left, but she couldn't go back to retrieve it.

''But a dress doesn't cost $ 12.000 honey?'' I asked and said honey just to sound loving.

I really hated every time she asked me for money but didn't dare saying it. It was usually when she would buy anything that her girlfriends had, when she had a party or if we were out of town and she saw something she liked.

This time it was due to a celebrity party on Saturday as she wanted it to.

I looked at her clothes and sighed quietly.

All she had on was clothes that I had bought for her and it was just expensive fashion clothes and I had barely had time to buy things or clothes for myself.

''I will of course have to buy the dress, a pair of shoes, jewelry, a bag and a coat.'' She said and walked to me.

She quickly kissed my cheek before she put up her hair in a braid. She put her braid over her left shoulder and looked at me.

''I'll come home later, okay?'' I saw the cartoon and knew she thought I was a fool who watched it.

''Okay'' I said quickly before i laughed. 

''And please change the channel to something else! You're not a fucking kid?'' She said, taking the TV control and changed the channel.

She started walking towards the hall. I looked at her and then on television.

''And Liam? I need $ 4.000 more.'' She said and turned to face me again. I looked at her. 

''For what?'' I said tired of her nagging.

How much money did she really need? Although I hated that she asked me about so much and never gave me anything back, but I loved her.

I loved her laugh, eyes and even though she changed since school I knew the way there was the same Sophia deep inside as the first day I met her at school.

''Manicure, do my hair, makeup and all that stuff.'' She said, smiling at me.

I gave her my MasterCard. She grabbed it and put it down in her bag. 

''I get home later, okay? Don't go anywhere. I've planed something special for u.'' She said and looked seductive at me.

I smirked. She turned around on her heels. I saw her walk out into the hall. She wiggled content on her bum as she always did after she received the money. 

Immediately when she opened the front door rang her friend on her phone. ''I'm on my way! We'll met outside Chanel.''

I didn't hear the door close so I went to the hall and closed it after I've seen her go off in my car.

I closed the door and locked it while I sighed.

I went back in to the livingroom and looked on the television.

I switched back to the channel I was watching.

I laughed a little before the phone rang.

''Sophia..'' I mumbled and picked up the phone without seeing who it was.

''Liam...'' I replied and watched on the television.

''Hey, It's Zayn. On Monday, we need to record some songs for the album.'' He said and I looked down.

''I can't..'' I mumbled.

''Why?... Sophia?'' Sighed Zayn.

''Yeah, she has planned for us to go to the fashion show. '' I replied. I sounded totally lame. 

''Are you fucking kidding me? You can't go to the fashion show! We have to record the songs now!'' He almost screamed stressed in my ear.

''You have to learn to say no to her!'' He said.

''But I just want her to feel beautiful and stuff so she knows I love her.'' I replied and looked forward.

''But you have to speak up at some point Liam! U have changed so much since u and her got together! What do u see in her?''

I hung up the phone after we were done talking. I felt empty inside, I Keep Losing. 

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