I Keep Losing.

Emma and Liam went to the same school in Wolverhampton when he applies to x-factor 2010. What happens when they meet?


3. Reception manager.

* Emma *

I went to the hotel. I worked there as reception manager. I was in charge of all front desk. I wore a dress and had my hair down.

I went into the dressing room and took off my clothes I had on.

I changed into the hotel uniform and put on my name tag that read receptions head on with big letters and underneath it says in small letters Emma. 

I put my other clothes in a closet and locked it. I put down my keys in my pocket.

I quickly put my hair up into a high ponytail and went upstairs to the reception. I worked day time. I saw the hotel manager and he came up to him.

''Emma, at 2 P.M today, Will Smith will come. He's an important guest so you have to be extra helpful and everything has to be perfect.'' He said and picked up a ticket.

''And by the way, here is a ticket to One Direction's release of the book All About Us. It's on Saturday so you don't just sit at home with the cat all day.'' He smiled.

''Think of it as a bonus.'' He said. I smiled and nodded.

''Thanks.'' I said and looked contented on the ticket after I took it.

I didn't think about Liam being in the band but was just pleased that he rewarded me because I was good at what I did when it came to my job.

He walked away and I stood behind the receptions desk. I smiled with satisfaction and saw one of the guests come down.

''We need towels.'' Said the woman and walked up to me.

I nodded and rang for the maid. ''What room?'' I asked the woman.

''389'' She said and looked at me.

''How many towels?'' I asked.

''Four.'' She replied and looked up the phone.

''Hey, I need 4 towels to room 389 at once.'' I said before I hung up.

''So, go up to your room, she will soon be there with the towels.'' She nodded to me.

''Thanks.'' She said pleased, and went upstairs again.

I loved my job. I cleaned a little so it looked okay on the bench and walked around the front desk so I stood in front of the counter and looked around so that everything was perfect.

I went to one of the windows and put the flowers in the right position. I smiled with satisfaktion and cleaned some stuff.

When the clock struck 2 P.M Will Smith walked  into the loby. He had a black suit and black sunglasses.

He had two bodyguards beside him that kept track so no fans came in. They even held his bags. He came up to the front desk and took off his sunglasses.

''Hello. I have booked your best room.'' He said and smiled at me. I nodded and took one of the keys that hung in a large cupboard on the wall behind me.

I turned to him again. ''I'll follow u to our room.'' I said. He nodded. It came two bellboys who took his bags and took them up to his room.

I walked around the counter again and to the lift while I heard them three following me. We went up to the 10th floor which was the last floor.

We stepped out of the elevator and went to room 1001. I unlocked and opened it for him.

I let them go in before me and looked at him. I went in after them and left the door open.

''If you need anything, just call down to us at the front desk and we'll help you.'' He nodded and I gave him the key.

I then went out of the room and closed the door quietly before I went down to reception again. I went back behind the counter.

When my work day was over was over, I walked home. I knew what awaited me. My cat, Sex In The City and tea. As I always knew would end up the night by myself, talking with my cat on today's problems.

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