I Keep Losing.

Emma and Liam went to the same school in Wolverhampton when he applies to x-factor 2010. What happens when they meet?


1. Introduction

* Emma *

Me and Liam had not directly known each other but I liked him. I was the shy girl who hardly dared to raise my hand in class.

He was bullied at school and since I was the cowardly girl in I didn't dare do anything to help him.

Approximately every time we came out of the classroom there was always some guys who would tease him.

For example, Take his bag, laugh at him or just make fun of him.

Every time I saw someone do something against him I just wanted to go back and tell them to stop. I could always see myself going back and defend him but it never happened and I regret it so much.

All in school then found out that he would be in the x-factor but since he knocked out in 2008, no one believed him and everyone thought he was ridiculous that applied again.

I assumed I was the only one who believed in him just then.

But after all the students in school found out that he broke through in the band One Direction, everything changed.

All the bullies that they had gone to school with him said that they were his friends.

I hated them so much because they lied and it felt like I was the only one who knew how he really felt.

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