Save me

Jenny thought her life was going to be all down hill after her mom died. She didn't think she would ever be happy again. But what happens when she runs into a Irish boy?


9. chapter 8


I wake up and groan thinking about the flight we have to take. Were are we even going? I don't know I'll just ask Niall. I turn around and sure enough when I look down at him and his crystal blue eyes are starring up at me. "morning princess" he said and smiled. "Good morning. Were are we going next on tour." I ask. "I'm not really sure." He says. I get up and go to the bathroom an get dressed. I don't really do much to my hair or anything I could care less about my appearance this early in the morning. "Jennnnnn" I hear Niall call from the bed room. "What" I say has he puckers his lips and I kissed them quickly and say "We need to leave In a hour get up." He groans and slowly gets up and walked to the bathroom. I walk to the kitchen and grab a muffin as sit at the small table thinking about last night. I knew e was going to surprise me but not this big of a surprise. I'm broken from my thoughts when there's a knock on the door. I walk over to the door and Harry runs past me closing the door. "What are you doing." I ask him. "Chey......she's.... Chasing me." He says between breaths I'm guessing from running. "What why!?!" I say surprised. " I wouldn't get out of bed this morning and she started tickling me." " really Harry really. Stop being a wimp and get out of my room." I laugh. "I'm not a wimp I just hate being tickled" he says. " I JUST HATE BEING TICKLED!" I say mockingly. "Fine then be like that!" He says playfully and walks out the door. I turn around and Niall is walking toward me. " what was that." "Oh just Harry being Harry ". "Ok". "We need to get going now" I sigh and Niall nods. I scan the room and make sure we have every thing. We grab our bags and walk down stairs meeting the boys in the lobby. "Hey does any one know where we are going next I ask all the boys and jade. Chey must be up stairs still. " come here Louis tells me gesturing me to follow him. He takes me out said and says " were going to do a show Im Nialls home town Mullingar, Ireland and we don't want him to know until we get there." He says with a smile plastered on hi face. "Oh ok I can't wait to see were he grew up." I say and we walk back inside . "The car will be here in 5." Zayn says as we enter. We nod and I take a seat next to jade. "I hope so not a limo." She says. " me to not like I think Niall will let me in one." I say. We hear the car pull up and luckily it's not a limo. I wouldn't have got in it any way if it was. I don't think I ever want to see one again that was scary seeing the lights collide with the side of out limo. It was like my life was flashing before my eyes. I shake away my thoughts and join every body out side who at putting there bags In the back of the big van. I can't wait to get to Ireland. Maybe I will meet Nialls mum. I don't know why I'm saying maybe I know she will want to see her son and i just so happen to be with him. "You getting In" Niall breaks me out of my train of thought and laughs at me. I don't say any thing I just jump in the car and sit close to Niall. After a short car ride we are at the air port loading a plan and Niall still doesn't know where we are going but he doesn't ask either so I'm just not going to say any thing. I lie back in the uncomfortable plain seat and I think Niall can tell I'm nervous because he puts his hand on my back and pats it. The plain takes off and I try to get to sleep. I know if I stay awake I'll end up spilling to Niall about where we are going and I don't want to do that so sleep is my only option. I wake up to someone tapping me. I open my eyes and Niall is looking me In the eyes. "Well hello there princess were landing in a minute." "I slept the entire time." "Yup you did sleepy head." I can't believe I slept that whole time and now were about to land. I'm starting to get nervous. What is I meet his mom and she doesn't like me? Or Niall spends time with old friends instead of me?. Well I don't want to be selfish he can hang out with his friends but what if he does it TO often. I shake the thoughts away still feeling nervous and stretch out. "Buckle up you seat belts we will be landing in 5 minutes." A women's voice chimes through my ears. We land and before we exit the plain Zayn puts a blond fold around Nialls head. "Hey man what's this for" Niall says. "You'll see" says Zayn. We walk off the plain and Into the air port lobby And I see a women standing by the luggage pick up and I'm guessing it's Nialls mum. We walk up to her and Zayn takes Nialls blindfold off. "Mum" he says and hugs her. "I've missed you so much she says with tears in her eyes. "Mum meet my girlfriend jenny and Jenny meet my mom Maura"he says and his mom puts on a surprised expression. "You have a girlfriend."she says and hugs me. " nice to meet you I'm Nialls mum." She says. "Nice to meet you to." I say and she let's go of me. "Why didn't you guys tell me we are coming here."Niall asks all of us. "And did you know about this jenny." He adds. "maybe....." I say sweetly. "Oh your going to get it." He says and picks me up and runs out of the air port with me. "Niall put me down!!" I scream but he doesn't listen. Maura is following behind us laughing and the boys.jade and Chey are joining her. Niall flicks me in the car and that boys , Chey and jade get into another. "Hey Maura were are the rest of them going." I ask her. "They are going to be staying at a hotel so you Naill and I can spend some time together." She says smiling.

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