Save me

Jenny thought her life was going to be all down hill after her mom died. She didn't think she would ever be happy again. But what happens when she runs into a Irish boy?


8. chapter 7


we got back to the hotel and my head was killing me. Niall came out with a bag full if small pills and handed me one. "This should take the pain away." He said and smiled. "I'm sorry Jen." He said after I took the pills. "For what." "I never should have let you get in to that limo. If I never you wouldn't be in so much pain." He said with tears now forming in his eyes. "Niall there was no way you could have stopped this from happening don't put yourself down" I replied. He smiled quickly and looked at me. "Well that surprise that I was planing on doing today will have to happen tomorrow we need to make sure we have time before we leave Paris" he said well leaving the room. I slowly got up and went to the kitchen to get some water and jade was in there. "You look tired" I said. "Ya I am. Niall was so post to stay up for a while with you last night but he fell asleep so I watched over you" she said. " oh why don't you go get some sleep"I said. "It's only 2 o clock in the afternoon"she said. "Just take a nap then". I said and she walked out of the room and to the room her and Liam are staying in were I'm guessing she's taking a nap. I sat down on one of the stools that's around the counter and drank some water and decided that I would like to spend some time with Chey. We haven't talked much in the last couple of days. I walked up the hall of the hotel until I found the room Harry and Chey were staying. I knocked on the door and there was no answer so I decided to call her.

(C= Chey J= jenny)

C: hello

J: hey I'm out side you room were are you?

C: oh me and Harry went out for dinner.

J: oooo were did he take you?

C: I'm not sure the name of it but it's really fancy and white.

J: if your on a date why are you still talking to me?

C: oh Harry's gone to the bathroom and he's taking for ever haha.

J: haha when you get back want to watch a few movies or something?

C: sure we shouldn't be to much longer.

J: ok see you then bye.

And with that I hung up. I walked back to Niall and I's room and went to the small kitchen and made some tea. I sat down thinking about all the events that had happen see in the last couple of days. I seen my first concert, got in a limo crash with a drunk driver , stay in a hospital for 2 days and don't remember any of it , and got stitches in my head. How nice... I thought to my self. I broke out of my deep thought and heard Harry and Chey coming up the hall. I took the last sip of my tea and went to go get Chey but when I opened the door she was already standing behind it getting ready to knock. " well hello there" I said laughing at the same time. "Hey" she said walking in past me. "What movie should we watch" I asked her. "How bout a scary movie". She suggested. "Ok but there's no movies at this hotel well have to go and get some" I said . We left the hotel and walked to the closest movie rental store and searched through the racks of movies until we found one we liked. Chey picked out Saw and I agreed. I'm not a big fans of movies like this but why not. We walked back home and put the movie in. The movie was just starting and Chey went to make some popcorn . We weren't even that far into the movie and I was already scared to death. I screamed and Niall came out of the bed room with sleepy eyes and said "what's wrong" really fast. I just laughed at him and patted the spot next to me on the couch were he sat. "We're watching Saw" I told him and put my head in his chest. All 3 of us continued to watch the movie until it was over and it was about 9 o'clock but I was a already tired. But the tile 9:30 came I was dropping and so were the others. Chey left and we all went to bed.


I woke up really early this morning and came up here. It's our last day in Paris and I wanted to do something nice for jenny. "Every thing needs to be perfect" I said to Zayn that was up here helping me get ready for the night. "Yes I know Niall. So you want her up here by 6 right?" Asked Zayn. "Please"I answered. " How are you getting the food up here" Zayn said. "Oh shit I didn't think of that. Can u please be our waiter tonight" I said giving Zayn a sweet smile. " alright mate" he answered and left to get her ready. It's 5 now so she should be here in about a hour so I guess I'll go get ready too. I climbed down and drove to the hotel. I walked in our room witch was ok because Zayn took jenny to his room to get ready. I took my black suit out of the closet and put it on. I left the Hotel and drive back and climbed back up. I sat in the small table for two I had set up and waited. A few minutes later jenny came up in a beautiful blue dress and a blind fold. I stood in front of the small table and Zayn took off the blind fold. Wheb she found out where she was she was shocked. "Were o..on the t..op of the Eiffel Tower!!"she stuttered. "Yes this is all for you my lady" I said softly. She hugged me and I pulled out a chair for her to sit in. I pushed in the chair and sat in me own. Zayn cam with a tray that had 2 drinks and two plates. He put the two plates of chicken and rice on the table then the drinks. We ate our food while adoring the lights that circled Paris. "This is beautiful" jenny said braking the silence. "Not as beautiful as you" I said. She blushed and continued to eat her food. We finished our food and jenny stood up and put her hand on the rail and looked over Paris. I walked up behind her and out my hands around her. I put my head in her neck and whispered "I love you". "I love you too" she whispered back. We finished the night and it couldn't have gone better.

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