Save me

Jenny thought her life was going to be all down hill after her mom died. She didn't think she would ever be happy again. But what happens when she runs into a Irish boy?


7. chapter 6

The day they leave for tour



We were getting ready to board the plane and I was shaking like crazy. I've never been on a plane before and I don't do so great on planes either. "Niall were are we going".i asked him. "Paris our first concert is tonight". He answered. We got on the plane and I got in the window seat and Niall sat next to me and behind us was jade and Liam. The plane went up in the air and I cuddled up to Niall but he pushed me off. "What's wrong" I asked " look out the window" he said. I looked out the window and there was tones of beautiful lights down below us. I took a couple of minutes to stare at it until I started to felt really tired and dosed off to sleep. I woke up not felling so tired anymore and looked around. I looked over and Niall was asleep with his head on my shoulder. I slowly turned around trying not to wake him and seen that jade and Liam were sound sleep too. So was chey and Harry along with the rest of the boys. I turned back around not as slow this time forgetting Niall was there and woke him up. "Sorry" I said. "It's okay love" he said back. Not long after we were told to put on our seat belts and we were landing. We woke up the others and we all sat waiting till the wheels hit the ground. We got off the plane and the limo all ready had our stuff in it and we were off to the hotel to relax abut be for the concert. We had about in hour before we left so I dragged Chey and jade and we all put on some skinny jeans with t-shirts like always and sat down and talked about girly stuff until it was time to go. We got into the limo and in about 20 minutes we were at the stadium and the boys went off to practise before the show. Jade Chey and I waited backstage watching. They started off with midnight memories then went on to Diana and did a few other ones then came in to get dressed for the show. The plane was a bit late getting in so they didn't get all the way thorough there practice. I was sitting in Nialls dressing room watching home get his hair and make up done when he said "I have a surprise for you later and tomorrow night". I smiled and he was off to start the show. I joined jade and Chey once again backstage and watched as the show began. It was exactly as practice went but now we got to see the full thing. At the last song Niall came over to me grabbed my hand and took me out on stage witch I'm not prepared for and said "I would like to dedicate this song to my girlfriend jenny". He then sat on the stairs of the stage with his guitar and sat me next to him and started singing. I figured it out. I figured it out from black and white....... Until the song was over. When it ended Niall pecked me on the lips and I had tears of joy in my eyes. The boys said bye to to all the fans and the show ended. We went back to all our dressing rooms to get our things and we got to our limo. We weren't even half way through the drive when I noticed that the limo was going really fast but Before I could get a word out every thing went black.


I opened my eyes and seen a huge dent in the side of the limo and only me and Zayn were awake. I looked down at jenny I my lap and there was blood all over the back of her head. I started to panic and I seen Zayn On the phone guessing it's 911 and relaxed a little but not much. Within 2 minutes jenny and all the others beside me and Zayn we're being but in the back of a ambulance. Me and Zayn only have a few scratches on our arms an legs but nothing to worry about. I hoped in the back of the ambulance with Jenny and we sped off to the hospital and she was taken off some place along with the others. I sat down in a waiting room chair and my eyes filled up with tears. I hated that stupid limo driver. He died once the car hit us but it was all his fault. I sat in my chair crying when Zayn came over. "It's all my fault Zayn I shouldn't have let we get in that limo" I said. "No mate how were you so post to know that limo driver was drunk this could have happened to any one" he said. I didn't say any thing back I just nodded and kept my head down I heard some one walking in the room so i looked up. I seen Chey walking toward us with a sling around he arm. "Are you okay" I asked her. "Yes thank you Liam's awake to he's in getting a cast on his leg it's broken" she answered. "Oh ok" I said. It was now 3 hours later and now Liam,Harry,and jade were out with is in a room were we were still waiting for Lou and Jenny to come In to. Every one so far was well besides Liam's leg and jades arm but every one else just blacked out during the crash and only had a few cuts like me and Zayn. A nurse came in our room " well Louis just woke up and is on his way in here but she is in a small coma and might be a few days so is there any family that can stay with her" she said. We all thought for a moment and noticed that we are really her only family. "I'll stay" me and jade said at the same time. "Great" said the nurse and she walked out of the room. Louis came back and all the boys and Chey left and it was only me and jade left in the room. We sat down for about 5 minutes in silence until a nurse came in rolling a bed with Jenny on it. Me and jade ran up to her body and I held her hand tight while jade just looked at her. It was getting late and I knew jade was tired so I told her to goto sleep and I'll watch jenny because if she wakes up I want some one to be with her. She agreed and went to sleep on one of the guest chairs while sat on the one next to her. I was sat next to her for a hour and I was so post to stay up with her but I slowly fell asleep next to her still holding her hand. I woke up to the sun blinding my eyes. I looked up to see jade sitting on the other side of the bed and my hand still around Jenny's. I felt Jenny's hand twitching and her eyes slowly opened. I looked into them and they weren't that ocean blue colour any more they were a sad grey colour. She looked around with a confused look on her face. "Where are we" she asked. "We are at the hospital our limo crashed yesterday" i said back. She started to sit up but ended up laying back down with her hand on the back of her head. She felt around for a minute before she looked like she found what she was looking for. "What happened to the back of my head" she asked. "You hit it really hard and had to get a couple stitches that's all" I said back. She slow nodded and a doctor came in and gave us some medication for her head and told that she had to take it easy and we all left the hospital.

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