Save me

Jenny thought her life was going to be all down hill after her mom died. She didn't think she would ever be happy again. But what happens when she runs into a Irish boy?


5. chapter 4


I woke up and Niall wasn't next to me. I looked over to the night stand and seen a note on it that said "had to go to a meeting with management be home soon xoxo ~Niall". I kept looking at the last part "xoxo" maybe he does like me more then a friend I thought to my self. I just brushed it away and changed my clothes and lied down with my head hanging off the side of the bed. I just lied trere for a minute until I seen jade standing in the door way of Niall bed room . "How did you get in here" I asked her. "There was a key under the door mat"she said . "Oh I should take that out of there" I said. "Way ahead of you" she said taking the key out of her pocket. I got up and walked down stairs with jade following behind me. Once we got down stairs the front door opened and all 5 boys came running in. Harry had a huge smile on his face so I knew he was happy. Why so happy Harry I asked him. "I got a date" he said. "With who" I asked."with a amazing girl named Cheyanne she has brown hair and green glowing eyes". After that he blushed and walked away smiling. After Harry left Niall grabbed my hand and put on a girly smile and said "Jenny will you be my girl friend". I blushed and I could tell he noticed because he smiled and kissed my cheek. While he did that i said "yes" in his ear and he smiled huge and we went to the living room. When we got in there I seen Liam starring at jade with blank look on his face. I could tell he likes her so I gave him a smile telling him to go for it. I could tell her knew what I meant because he just blushed and looked down. After that he started to write something down on a tiny piece of paper and passed it to jade. Jade smiled and wrote something down and passed it back to him. Jade then smiled any dragged me up stairs and and had a huge fan girl scream. After that she screamed "HE ASKED ME OUT" in my face. I just looked at her and smiled because I can't really hear right at the moment. I left the room and walked down stairs and snuggled up to Niall but before I could relax he picked me up and ran out the door and put me in the front seat of the car. "Niall were are we going" I asked him. All he did was look at me and smile. About 15 minutes we arrived at a fair. Niall looked at me and yelled surprise and smiled. We got out of the car and as we walked in the fair there was no one there. "Niall were is every one" I asked. "I rented out the whole place for me and you" he said. I ran up to him and hugged him. I grappled his hand and pretty much dragged him to the Farsi wheel. We were on the top of it when it got stuck. The worker down below us told us it could be about 2 hours before they fix it so me and Niall just have to hang there.


I looked over at Jenny and she seemed pretty happy for someone who's going to be stuck up here for 2 hours. An hour passed and all we did was talk and play games like eye spy until the wind started to pick up. I felt Jenny's leg shaking against mine. I looked over and she was shivering. So I took off my jacket and put it over her. As I did that she smiled and I looked strait into her eyes. My nose was touching off hers when I moved in and kissed her. It was a short kiss but it meant something. It was like a spark went off that sent shivers down my back. I put my arm around her and the ride started to move again. We got to the ground and the worker said sorry for getting us stuck. I just nodded my head and kept walking. Jenny still looked like she wanted to have some fun so I tool her to the boat rides and sat next to her in a two seater boat. The bout started to slowly go Down the water until it sped up and a big splash of water go jenny right in the face. I started laughing when I felt a tone of water hit me. Jenny then put her hands on the out side of the boat and splashed me about 10 times. I splashed her back and it turned into a splash fight until the ride was over. We stepped out if the boat both of is not dripping wet. It was starting to get kinda cold so we got in the car and headed home. We got home and jenny ran up to get a shower while I just changed my clothes and jumped into bed. After 10 minutes Jenny came into the room and lied on the bed next to me. "I'm hungry" I said. She looked at me and said "me too". We walked down stairs and saw Harry in the kitchen with a girl I'm guessing was the one he took on the date. She smiled an greeted us with hand shakes and said we name was Cheyanne. I didn't say much to her but her and Jenny seemed to chat a lot. Jenny and I went back up stairs after eating and lied I bed. She look at me and said "I'm going to start calling you Ni". "I like that in going to start calling you Jen" I said. It was starting to get late so we went to bed. I put my arm over her and she held my hand and put her head on my chest and we fell asleep. I woke up to my phone ringing I picked it up and it was Paul. "You need to be back down here by 2:00 Saturday your starting tour again in four days be ready" and with that we hung up. I looked down at my angle sleeping in my arms to see she was awake. She looked up at me and said "what's wrong". "We have to start tour again in four days but you can come with if you want" I said . She smiled and nodded and got up and walked out of the room.


I walked down stairs to find jade ad Liam kissing I'm the kitchen. "Hey you two get a room" I said. Making both of them blush. Until we heard a Big Bang ok the front door causing all the guys to come down and join us. Niall told me jade and Chey(is what we now call Cheyanne) to go into the bathroom. Ww locked the door and I started to get really scared. We heard lots of yelling and i knew who it was once I heard his voice. I heard Niall yelling at him to not touch me because hill never find me but I knew he wasn't going to stop until he did. "I BROKE OUT OF JAIL TO FIND THAT LITTLE SHIT HEAD". I head I'm yell. I heard Niall yelling then *BANG* and every thing went silent.

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