Save me

Jenny thought her life was going to be all down hill after her mom died. She didn't think she would ever be happy again. But what happens when she runs into a Irish boy?


3. chapter 3


we went back to my flat and I could tell Jenny was feeling akward so I asked if she wanted to watch a movie. She agreed so I got up and looked through the movie until I found The Ring. When I showed her the movie case she nodded and smiled so I took that as a yes and put the movie in and say back down next to her.


Niall took me to the guest bed room and have me one of his shirts. I didn't know why so I asked him "why did you give me this" I asked. "You need something to sleep in don't you" he said. I then thanked him and got into bed. I lied down for what felt like hours lbut was only a few minutes and didn't blink. I watched scary movies befor but I never really "got scared". I lied down for a bout a hour more and then relised I wasn't going to be Able to sleep all alone. I walked down the hall until I got to Nialls down and knocked on it slowly until I heard him say "come in" on the other side. " I don't mean to be akward but I'm scared can I stay in here" I asked him. He patted the side of the bed he wasn't on and I climb in. I felt his arm go over my side. I just smiled to my self now feeling safer and feel alseep. I woke up in the morning to the smell of bacon and eggs. I walked down into the kitchen to find Harry cooking breakfast. I just walked into the living room to and saw Zayn,Louis,Niall, and Liam. I sat next to Niall and he whispered in my ear "how would you like to go on a date with Nialll Horan tonight". I laughed and whispered in his ear "I think that's a great idea". He then smile and introduced me to all the other guys even though I already knew who they were. A few minutes later Harry came out with a chefs hat on and said "dinner is severed". Niall jumped off the couch and ran into the kitchen. I followed behind him. By the time I got into the kitchen Niall had his face deep in a plate of food and the rest of the boys were laughing at him. I sat down and ate the most food I think I ever ate until I felt my iPhone being taken out of my pocket. I look over and see that it's just Niall putting his number in it. After brake fast Niall took me home to get some of my things and we went back to his house. I took most if my clothes and some other stuff not knowing what kind of date he was taking me on. When we got back to his place I ran up to the guest room that I guess was now mine and got ready for our date. I put on some white skinnys with a pink t-shirt and just sat around waiting to go. I knew it was going to be a few more hours so I watched my all time favourite movie The lion king while I waited. When the movie ended I heard a knock on my door and Niall came in with a rose in his hand asking if I was ready. I got up and took his hand and he walked me out of the house and to a park. He Took me down this small trail that lead to a blanket down by two trees with two big white sheets hanging off them. He told me to sit on the blanket and he got put snacks and ran to a projector that played up about 10 movies by the time we went home. I looked at the time and it was almost 12 at night and I thought it was time to go home. He picked me up and carried me home. When we got there I was about to walk in to my room when he grabbed me and flicked me on his bed. He got in next to me and cuddled up to me and we fell asleep together.

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