Save me

Jenny thought her life was going to be all down hill after her mom died. She didn't think she would ever be happy again. But what happens when she runs into a Irish boy?


2. chapter 2


After about 2 hours of explaining my life to the police and jade the boy came up to me and told me his name was Niall Horan. Right after he said that a bell went off in my head and I knew who he was right then and there. Thank you for helping me I said to Niall still not sure why he helped at all.


When that girl ran into me it was like something automatically went through my head that I had to help her. She is very pretty with those blue eyes and that brown hair. Come on Niall just ask her name and stop thinking about her. I asked her name and she said it was Jenny and the girl standing over there was her best friend Jade. Well Jenny would you like to go out for some lunch it is about 12 now. I asked her putting my hand out seeing if she would take it.


I laughed for a moment befor grabbing his hand and walking with him. After about 15 minutes of walking we stopped at a place called Nandos. I never really knew Niall well personal but I thought I would give him a chance well because he did just save me from almost being hit by a bat 200 times. We got inside and got a table for two and as we walked Naill asked if I would like to stay at his flat for the night. I guess was all I answered back I'm not really sure but it's better then staying at my house all loney so I guess. We got our food and talked about any thing and every thing. It turns out we like most of the same things and niall is very sweet. I think I'm falling for him but I'm going to hold back because I don't know if he likes me the same way.

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