The Dead Truth

Competition entry - Different sides of the Dispute .

Sometime in the future, the world is in danger of drowning due to global warming. Homesteads (Camps) are built up in the Swiss, German and Austrian Alps to keep as many people from drowning. These Camps were built to keep people alive, but they fell under a strict regime. If you are rich you survive, if you are not and lucky, you get a job and work for the upper class. If you are poor and unlucky, you sit in front of the huge concrete wall, waiting to be let in. Then mysterious deaths occur..Is this right? Should you but your family into danger to save other peoples lives?


6. Realized

She woke up with a wet towel on her forehead and eyes. It felt good, so good. She had a headache but the rest of her body felt okay. She decided to go to sleep again when she heard the noise of a too well known voice swearing. Then she heard the sound of clattering kitchen pots. She had to smile and removed the towel from her forehead and eyes. She opened her eyes and saw Paul standing behind the kitchen island trying not to move. Her smile transformed into a loud laugh. He turned around, wearing his impish grin. “You woke me up” She said with a huge smile in her face pretending to be mad at him. He came towards her and kissed her. It was a short kiss, but it was a kiss full of love. Then his face expressions got serious again. “Do you remember what happened” he asked her, putting a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

She did, she remembered everything. And she also knew that he was worried, every time he was worried this wrinkle on his forehead appeared. She knew all his movements and mood swings. She fell in love with him in her last year of School, he was a new student and it was love at first sight. They ran away from home a few years ago, and got married in a small town in France. The Pregnancy was not planned, but they were happy when she found out that she was pregnant. They were planning their own small perfect little life. Unfortunately, a short time after their marriage, the world was in danger of sinking. They had to come here and their whole life changed.

“Ana, can you hear me?” he took her shoulders and shook her. She heard his fear and his voice and answered calmly “Yes, I remember what happened to me. Stop worrying. I had a little bit stress but I am perfectly fine.”. He let her go. “You were not fine and you are not going to work anymore” he screamed at her. He stamped his feet on the floor and went trough his a little bit too long brown hair. She pushed the blanket away and sat up straight. “How would you feel if you had to see six dead humans?” Ana hissed back and looked straight into his eyes, “I am not going to stay here, and I want to help saving people’s life’s. There’s something going wrong and I want to stop whoever is killing these men” she screamed out her last sentence and crossed her arms over her chest.

His heart skipped a heartbeat and all colour left his face. He sat there, pale and sweating. His hands started shaking and his eyes looked terrified. She looked at him and pulled up an eyebrow.

 “Paul...What have you done...?” whispered she, with tears in her eyes. 

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