The Dead Truth

Competition entry - Different sides of the Dispute .

Sometime in the future, the world is in danger of drowning due to global warming. Homesteads (Camps) are built up in the Swiss, German and Austrian Alps to keep as many people from drowning. These Camps were built to keep people alive, but they fell under a strict regime. If you are rich you survive, if you are not and lucky, you get a job and work for the upper class. If you are poor and unlucky, you sit in front of the huge concrete wall, waiting to be let in. Then mysterious deaths occur..Is this right? Should you but your family into danger to save other peoples lives?


2. Homestead

He silently closed the door, before he left.

He knew he was too early for his shift, like always. He went down the small steep way, which led to the tiny path towards the center of the homestead. On his daily walk, he met some people who greeted him with a lot of respect. Under the middle class population that lives in the homestead, he was well known and respected for his work. The upper class still acted like they did not exist, because they were ‘just’ working. He was ‘just’ a worker, working on the dam surrounding the camp, to keep everyone alive.

Due to climate change and global warming the assumption proved to be true, as the sea level rose. And before anyone noticed, the Netherlands drowned. Parts of France and Italy followed. Suddenly, these who could afford it left to homesteads, which promised to save them. Huge walls, grey concrete, surround the homesteads to let the water outside. Promising to keep everyone inside alive.

The homesteads were spread around the German, Austrian and Swiss Alps.

Under normal conditions, only the people who could afford it were allowed to live inside a homestead. But they forgot one essential thing: who is going to do the work, which is going to keep the homestead running? Definitely not these upper class people. Involuntarily, they had to let lower class people inside. The workers, the cookers, the cleaners, everyone who worked in a homestead was allowed to stay alive. But if you didn’t work enough or you got sick, you got kicked out and replaced. They could choose whom to let it. Outside of the huge concrete wall, that seemed as if it was going to bury you alive, were thousands of people. All waiting outside there for one reason, to be let it.




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