The Dead Truth

Competition entry - Different sides of the Dispute .

Sometime in the future, the world is in danger of drowning due to global warming. Homesteads (Camps) are built up in the Swiss, German and Austrian Alps to keep as many people from drowning. These Camps were built to keep people alive, but they fell under a strict regime. If you are rich you survive, if you are not and lucky, you get a job and work for the upper class. If you are poor and unlucky, you sit in front of the huge concrete wall, waiting to be let in. Then mysterious deaths occur..Is this right? Should you but your family into danger to save other peoples lives?


3. Corpse


“Ana, Ana, there’s an emergency you have to look at”, Nurse Emily screamed out her name, but her voice broke down and got quieter when she finally reached the end of her sentence. She turned around, which let her dark brown curly hair, which now reached her waist, fly over her shoulder. Her stomach got a little bit bigger every day, and she could feel the small movements inside her. It was a wonderful feeling, which calmed her down. Knowing that the other pairs of eyes, belonging to the other medical staff in this provisional Hospital, followed every step she took, she walked towards Emily. She was the only one not seeming to have a biased opinion about her pregnancy, concerning her abilities.

When she arrived Emily, she could see in her big blue eyes a deep sadness and lost hope. This was the first time she saw Emily like this. She knew that something had happened. Emily was standing in front of a bed covered up by a white blanket. She opened her green eyes pulled up a brow and looked deep into Emilys eyes, she understood. Then she looked around to assure herself that no one looked at them, her eyes wandered back to the blanket, and then she pulled it back.


She tried to control herself, not to scream, but somehow a little noise came out of her throat. “Shush” Emily hissed at me. She looked down to the dead corpse; it was a man in his thirties wearing an expensive suite. She knew he didn’t belong here. She gave Emily an angry look. Emily could have told her what was awaiting her. She couldn’t think straight anymore. “How many deaths have there been?” she whispered in her direction. “He is the sixth, he died inexplicably”. Emily answered me as quiet as she could, then she continued her sentence, “The first two, died with a more or less plausible natural reason. One fell of a ladder, and the other one had a heart attack.” She could hear, that Emily tried to convince herself that these two death reasons were natural, even though they knew better. She had to open her eyes, so She answered her:” Emily, Which upper class person would climb up a latter? That’s the reason why they have us, we do their work. And tell me, when was the last natural heart attack on earth?” She looked at her, putting all her love into her view. Emily answered her straight away: ”The last natural heart attack happened on the 21st April 2054.” Before she realized what she just said, she smiled…

 “You’re right, something not right”, and her smile froze.


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