Rhythm of Love

Natalie Walker, pop star known to the public as her stage name Nellie Wafer, is in big trouble. Big, big trouble. She has fallen in love with Harmony Hill, one of her backup singers. She knows that when the public finds out about her lesbianism it won't end well, but she has no idea that she and Harmony will be kidnapped. She escapes, but has eight days to pay the ransom; will she be able to rescue her lover before it's too late?


2. Chapter Two

(AN: Ah, Jaq and Brutus. They're used rather often for me as A) plot device and B) comedic relief. I honestly don't think I can write a kidnapping plot without them. They're based on the guys from Home Alone and Cruella deVill's lackeys from One Hundred and One Dalmations.)

February 2nd - 0122.00 hours - New York

"Did you see that?"

"Uh, see what?"

The tall, stick-thin man with the big nose glared at his comrade, a short sausage of a man with a red face and alcohol-tinted breath. The stick smacked the sausage upside the head with the baseball bat he carried around, not getting anything but an annoyed grunt in reply.

"I think our little pop star's in looove, Brutus."

"Who's the lucky guy, Jaq?"

The stick - Jaq - rolled his eyes. "Not a guy, idiot."

The sausage - Brutus - giggled like a school girl. "So Nellie Wafer is a lesbian? I didn't know that! Isn't she a Catholic?"

Jaq facepalmed. "Christians can be homo too, you fool. And it looks like she just found out herself anyway."

Brutus took the binoculars from his partner and peered into the star's dressing room, feeling dirty when he realized she was wearing just a towel but shaking it off when he reminded himself it was for the job. The boss wouldn't care.

The girl was twirling around the room and singing into her hairbrush like a stereotypical lovesick teenager. After about three seconds though, she noticed a piece of paper on her dresser. She picked it up, read it, paled, and sunk back down onto her stool with her face in her hands.

Brutus wondered what was in the letter and stared at the girl's back, but he got nothing. Maybe he should pass the binoculars to Jaq, his partner was the brains in this operation.

"She sure looks like she's in love, Jaq, but she's upset about something she just read."

"What did she read?"

Brutus felt the distress that normally came with pressure. He wasn't made for this! "I dunno! I didn't see the paper!"

Jaq sighed. "Well, we'll wait a while. We want this romance to bloom."

"When we gonna get her then?"

"Maybe when it gets published. We'll see."

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