Rhythm of Love

Natalie Walker, pop star known to the public as her stage name Nellie Wafer, is in big trouble. Big, big trouble. She has fallen in love with Harmony Hill, one of her backup singers. She knows that when the public finds out about her lesbianism it won't end well, but she has no idea that she and Harmony will be kidnapped. She escapes, but has eight days to pay the ransom; will she be able to rescue her lover before it's too late?


3. Chapter Three

Nellie felt the pricks on her back that came with being watched and, clutching the towel around her, she walked over to the open window. Her wet hair made the cold weather even worse, and she squinted as she peered around street level. Nothing.

She couldn't shake the feeling though, so she shut the window and closed the blinds tightly. I've been in this dressing room for the last four hours. I probably should head back to the hotel room.

She wished that the backup singers had been put in the same hotel as her, but management could only afford to spend so much money on this tour and thought that only Nellie would get the best of the best. So while she was staying in four-star hotels in the penthouse suites, her backup singers got the lower end of the bargain.

Ariel, Oona, Felicity, and - her heart fluttered - Harmony deserved more than the stereotypical Holiday Inn that was placed a block away from the nice hotel she was in. They were very good singers, and pretty too. They had families to worry about and she didn't.

She considered asking the four if they wanted to stay with her since she did have room for them, but the thought of sharing a room with Harmony for the next three days made her blush. Which was weird. Because she wasn't in love.

Or was she?

No. She wouldn't even consider it.

Her religious side chose that moment to come out, and she clutched the holy water she would put around her neck before every concert. Homosexuality, though she didn't disapprove of it to the level of being a homophobe, was a sin. And she didn't want to partake in it.

But . . . Harmony was better than any boy she'd ever known. She'd never been interested in guys anyway.

Oh no, what if she'd always been a lesbian?

Maybe that was why her parents were gone. Maybe they'd staged their deaths just so they wouldn't have to deal with having a lesbian daughter anymore.

Yeah, right, Nellie. Your parents loved you.

As she pulled on jeans and her own concert t-shirt, her mind wandered back to the letter she'd found.

The letter threatening her.

Well, even if she wasn't a lesbian, someone suspected her of being so. And someone wanted to spill that to the media.

She might as well accept it, she was doomed to be shamed for it either way.

And if she wasn't in love with Harmony, then why was she thinking about her and why was she imagining her future with her? She'd only known her for a day.

And these were certainly symptoms she recognized from Disney movies she often hated for being unrealistic.

I'll give it a chance, she thought, grabbing her purse and slinging it over her shoulder as a piece of paper fluttered out. Oh no. She didn't feel like being threatened again, but she read it anyway to find eleven digits cleanly written.

A phone number.

And there were two possibilities here; it was either a fan or Harmony.

She always called numbers she received anyway, so this was a win-win situation.

She pulled out her iPhone and dialled.

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