Rhythm of Love

Natalie Walker, pop star known to the public as her stage name Nellie Wafer, is in big trouble. Big, big trouble. She has fallen in love with Harmony Hill, one of her backup singers. She knows that when the public finds out about her lesbianism it won't end well, but she has no idea that she and Harmony will be kidnapped. She escapes, but has eight days to pay the ransom; will she be able to rescue her lover before it's too late?


5. Chapter Five

A week after watching six hours worth of Disney movies with Harmony, Nellie's plane landed in San Francisco. She was ushered from the plane to the tour bus that would take her to the hotel. She looked longingly at the small taxi next to the bus that the backup singers would be riding in. They deserve more. I should've went over that with management.

Her iPhone let out its text tone, and she pulled it out, smiling a little when she noticed it was a text from Harmony. She had unlocked it without looking at the picture until she was met face-to-face with the message.

The color drained from her face.

It was a tabloid cover; the cover for the Global Gossiper, to be exact. The Global Gossiper was not only the most vicious Hollywood-centered tabloid, but also the one with the biggest audience.

And on it was a picture of she and Harmony getting Starbucks a few days earlier. It might've looked like just a couple of girls hanging out if not for one subtle detail.

Their pinky fingers were intertwined.

The headline, big and white and bold as always, made her want to throw up. "TEEN IDOL NELLIE WAFER NOT AS PERFECT AS SHE SEEMS? Sixteen-year-old Catholic singer found to be a lesbian!"

She hadn't even noticed the paparazzi. Why had she agreed to go to Starbucks?

After she had been silent for a while, Harmony finally texted her again. "im sorry"

She took a deep, shaky breath and typed a reply. "its ok. not ur fault."

Before she could permit herself to cry, however, there was a flash of headlights and a covered truck had hit the bus head-on.

She hit her head against the window and, before she could lose consciousness, she noticed the taxi holding the backup singers screech to a halt and some men exiting the covered truck.

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