War heart

A man came back from the war a completely different person and finds it hard to have an intimate relationship with his wife.


2. chapter 2

Truth is she's here. She's always been here. Protecting me and loving me in a way no one else could. Her laugh, oh her laugh is simply breathtaking; she hates it more than she hates snakes, but I love it. Her laugh reminds me of happiness and surrender.

We have great, awesome days, then we have our worst days. It seems that my attitude changes like the typical British weather. I just get so aggressive that I forget who I am.

War did this to me. War betrayed me. It's as if I am the clouds from my childhood story; where the super shining sun and misty, Snow White clouds were in rival. However the beaming sun defeats the mysterious, misty clouds. Wilted and hidden away like a tiny box of junk in a dark, creepy, fearful attic.

**authors notes**

I realise this are small chapters but as the story unfolds they will get bigger. Please like and comment what you want to happen next and I'll try my best to make it happen :)

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