The Great Walrus Heist

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  • Published: 11 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 11 Feb 2014
  • Status: Complete
The story of an epic adventure of a Scientist which saves all walruses from death to protect the earth.


4. The incredible Ending

Years later,

 I met Ootah on the Paradise deck, he said he wanted to talk about something important.Ootah told me that another band of walrus persecutors were roaming the earth and attacked the Great Walrus defence program in Miami. I was to be sent there to kill it’s leader, McOakley. He was going to be very hard to kill since he was surrounded by mutated zombies that protected him at all time. Nonetheless I rode the walgasus to the base. The base was dark and covered in sheets and sheets of dark matter. I stroke and I was electrocuted. I knew it !  It was walrus blood! Those bastards! Blood rose to my eye and I screamed the voice of Ootah through my soul. There will be blood. I armed myself with the spear of the seven seas.  And burst open the door. I attacked the mutated zombies. Hey there, I said. Those were the last words they heard. How dare they kill the precious and innocent walruses. Suddenly I was surrounded by hordes of walruses. What a joy! But they all looked at me with red eyes. Out of nowhere appeared a great walrus the size of two gorillas. He had a lobster arm and the mane of a lion. He had the horn of a rhinoceros and the neck of a giraffe. A very odd mutation I thought. It attacked me without mercy. I tried not to harm its walrus parts but cutting off his giraffe head made the trick. When he was on the floor, the horde of 1000 walruses attacked me, chocking me under their weight. All of a sudden everything went dark.



I woke up in a dark room, with no perception of anything; I went in and out of consciousness. It took me probably a couple of hours to get stable. I realized that my hands were tied behind my back. I think they drugged me or something. I ran back into unconsciousness. When I woke up, a man was sitting in front of me, asking me questions that I couldn’t hear. I fell back into unconsciousness. I woke back up in a small-lit room. There was a person sitting in front of me dressed in uniform. He wanted to know why I had tried to enter the Mutation science area. I told him that they were murdering hundreds of walruses. So? he said. The US had approved the mass murder of walruses to preserve the planets health. I looked at him with disgust. Killing thousands of innocent creatures for our mistakes! I screamed. He didn’t reply. The agent left the room. In the next hour a man came in and unchained me. He said I was free. I went out in the local forest and prayed to Ootah day and night asking for guidance.


Day 4 In the city

I realized that Ootah wasn’t answering. He was probably dealing with all of the mass walrus murders going on in the world. Walking around I saw a group of hippies. I asked them where the agency was. I then robbed a gun store and armed myself to penetrate the facility. Using Ootah walrus gold, I hired a helicopter pilot. I flew over the Base and aimed my RPG and shot, making a big hole in the room. There I jumped thought the roof down to the ground under. I was attacked by a band of Masked men but I quickly shot them down. A deafening ring was heard in the room. Someone had turned on the alarm. Suddenly I could hear the distant sirens of Police cars. I ran for the main door leading to some sort of Lab. When entering I saw a bunch of scientists around a baby walrus holding bloody knifes. Surprised one of them jumped and screamed. I shot him down and all of his killing friends. I looked at the baby walrus and realized it was dead. There was a map of the facility on the wall. The offices were on the third floor. I took the stairs since the elevator was blocked. Arriving on the third floor, the room was blockaded. Realizing that I could not pass. I managed to find an alternative back door and I flanked them and killed them all. I found the manager of the facility up on a secret floor guarded by some guards. It’s not very secret if you put some guards in front of it. I forced him to make it so that walrus killing does not save the planet and I then left the room, returning back to Paradise. 

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