The Great Walrus Heist

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  • Published: 11 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 11 Feb 2014
  • Status: Complete
The story of an epic adventure of a Scientist which saves all walruses from death to protect the earth.


2. The Betrayal

2 weeks later


Earlier today we cut open the belly of the walroos and took out the baby from inside the mother. We then filled up her belly with stones to see what her reaction would be. After 2 hours she started excreting the stones we put into her. We then fed those stones to the baby who devoured them like there was no tomorrow. After lunch, 24 babies were born between 13:30 and 14:20. It was an outsanding site. It took a while for the crew to fill all the bellies of the mothers with stones. I was planning on taking them back to a zoo to let experts take care of them but the crew wanted to sell them on ebay. I disagreed strongly. Ebay packages weren’t very secure for animals. And they had a strong chance of dying. After an hour of arguing the crew decided to take them without my accord and they left me on the island with two walrooses, a male and a female. After having scanned the island for help. I found some tribesman in an ice cave on the other side of the island. These tribesmen gave me a boat and a spear.  I decided to depart during the day.


The next day


I departed with the spear and some provisions the islanders gave me. After a couple of hours of paddling randomly, I found out where the crew had set their base. I hid behind a cliff face awaiting the night to make my move. They had setup sentries around the camp. It seems that the seagulls had warned them of my arrival. Before going on my hunt I prayed to the Walrus god, Oshah to protect the Walrooses, his own kin. Arming myself with my spear, I jumped a sentry and drove my spear into his flesh, killing him instantly. The cry he made when I jumped on him alerted the rest of the crew and I hid in the shadows with his body. One of them proposed to raise the alarm but the other said it was nothing. Fools, I thought.  Striking now was too dangerous though, both sentries were next to each other. So I threw a stone on the other side of the camp. One of the sentries said he would check It out. I jumped the other sentry, covered his mouth to avoid the same problem and speared him.  I  then sneaked up on the ship and got to the Captain’s cock. I  drove away the ship in joy. I headed to the research center in Alaska to prove the existence of walrooses.

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