The Great Walrus Heist

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  • Published: 11 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 11 Feb 2014
  • Status: Complete
The story of an epic adventure of a Scientist which saves all walruses from death to protect the earth.


3. The attack of the Base

8th Day on the Boat (Without the Crew)


I thought that I’d never see civilization again. But through all the icebergs I spotted little red houses with the noticeable smoke coming out from thee little chimneys. After having landed I asked a local fishermen if he knew where the Walrus Research Center was. He said that if I headed south I would find it on the shoreline. After a couple of days I spotted a majestic building with rows and rows of glass panes with an amazing walrus skull on the top of an iceberg. Watching the great and majestic Pacific Ocean. When I reached land. I was greeted by a bunch of men wearing walrus suits. They asked me to get out the walrooses and bring them to the labs. While entering the lab I noticed that the Entry sign had ‘Ebay’ written on it. When I asked a walrus scientist what It was, he told me that this used to be an old Ebay building

When I entered the building they told me to sit down in the waiting room. After a couple of hours, I was getting kind of bored so I decided to make a tour of the place. I discovered that they had a lot of mutated walruses in cages, weird. They all had cameras and computers next to them. After a while I entered a large room. The room was filled with Walrus skeletons. I pissed my pants. Thousands over thousands of Walrus skeletons were arranged around the room. This reminded me of the catacombs under Paris except more… fishy. I left the room and opened the next door. The room was filled with packets on top of packets of carton boxes labeled with different addresses and the Ebay etiquette on them. When I opened the boxes, they were filled with Walrus bones. There was this big computer with a huge Ebay. I realized that this wasn’t the walrus research center but the Pirates that tried to sell my walrooses away! I armed myself with a harpoon I found on a wall. These pirates were all going to die. After walking around the ‘center’ I found a room where a couple of people dressed as scientists were experiencing on one of the baby walrooses. I jumped in the room and attacked them without mercy. I shot one of them in the chest and kicked the other one in the balls. I then armed myself with one of the knifes on the table and stabbed the second one’s eye out. I then took the walroos in my hands and hid him under a table. I took 2 guns I found in a cupboard and ran thought the corridors and I think some cameras spotted me. The evil Pirates set up a barricade down one of the corridors. Not knowing what to do I searched the room. In one of them I found a bazooka. I jumped and shot towards the barricade. I managed to break it and stun them long enough for me to shoot the remaining survivors. After the barricade I found a massive circular room with a green lama on the screen. The old captain was sitting on a chair looking at me with a smile. I aimed my rifle and shot at him but an invisible barrier protected him.

Why do you go through all of this for just some Walruses? he asked They aren’t just walruses, I said, they are the future of the universe.

Arming myself with my bazooka I shot at the barrier and jumped the captain. I shot him twice in the face. After that I took his special key and accessed the walrus room. The room was filled with thousands of all kinds of walruses.  Towards the end of the hall there was a door with the words ‘Green Lama Only’ using the captain’s card, I entered the room and there I found a Walrus-human person. He told me that what I was doing was wrong and that the walruses had to be kept here. I asked him what he was talking about. He said that the walruses were going to be sacrificed and the energy released would be able to power the entire world for hundreds of years. I now had a choice, I could or save the planet and ease the human’s life or I could exterminate an entire species. He told me that he was the Ootah, the Walrus God. After having kneeled before him, he asked me whether or not I wanted to join him on his quest to save mother earth. I didn't know what to say... All of a sudden, out of nowhere a Giant walrus appeared. He told me not to listen to this imposter. He said that if all walruses were killed it would generate too much souls in the Walrus heavens and the whole world would be under darkness for years to come. The human-walrus jumped for the ‘exterminate all walruses’ lever. I shot him in the face. He died instantly. The real Ootah took me into his arms and brought me up to the walrus heavens. There I bathed in joy in the everlescent walrus waste. 

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