The Vlog Diaries


2. Hanna Styles

Hey it's Hanna here but I prefer to be called Anna. I live in Homes Chapel, Cheshire, England, UK. I have an older brother and an older sister, Harry and Gemma. Harry’s only older than me by a year and I’m guessing you’ve recognised my last name and yes, that Harry is my brother. Sure, I’ve met all of the boys and they’re all like brothers to me. I better go, here’s some more information about me!

Age: 18

Likes: Music, Animals, My family and My Brothers band.

Dislike: Receiving hate, people wanting to be friends with me just because of my brother and people making me upset.

Hobbies: Vlogging, dancing and just being me.

Other info: I’m a big fan of Leigh-Anne Heart, she does some really random Vlogs.

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