Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


59. year after


Why am i feeling this pain in my chest? What is this? How? I asked myself. I looked out the window of the car i feel like crap its raining and cloudy the sky was filled with grey clouds and it was dark, thunder rumbled and a few strikes of lightning hit the ground which constantly jolted me awake. Louis decided to take me to the store with him though i didn't want to. 3 weeks (or 29 days) till my birthday gonna be 19 and in the course of the year mum and dad have got me caught up in school for some reason they thought i was enrolled in school still but i wasnt so they got me a a tutor and from day to midnight the teacher taught me at the end of two weeks i would have an exam to see if im ready to go up a level, i have my license but cant drive because Louis wont buy me a car he says its because im his little girl and doesn't want me to go but where can i go i dont have a job anymore because of stupid paparazzi i cant have a normal life but i knew that from day one. We got to the store and i sat in the car for a few moments "Misty come on" dad said "ok" i said and i got out and stepped into the rain we ran inside. We got a cart and got all the stuff we had on the list then went to the checkout. When we got back to the car i put all the groceries in the trunk then go in the car "So misty your birthday is coming up anything you want to do?" "Yea im going out with Robert" "still with him?" "Yeah Dad...hes the only guy who can deal with me" "but Keat-" "no he didnt dad he couldnt if he did he would understand how i felt" i said "he was the one for you" dad said i looked at him "how. How can you say that your supposed to agree with me your supposed to hate Keaton, fathers dont like the boys his daughter dates" "yes Misty im against you dating that Robert with Keaton...theres a time when a father sees a man who is perfect for his daughter and that was Keaton" "you think it was Keaton but your wrong" "Misty he made one mistake nobody is perfect" "he kissed his x and had a party behind my back i think i have a right to not see him" i said "you cant be serious" dad mumbled under his breath but i rolled my eyes. When we got home i went up to my room and laid down i just want all my emotions gone of course i hate Keaton he messed up big time i dont want that, and then Robert is perfect for me he understands my problems and listens to me rant and loves me no matter what perfect boyfriend id say.


The rain cleared up but its still muggy out though i could barely see a clear spot enough for me to look out on my window since the raindrops. I saw my phone light up probably Wes im not accepting his or anyone's apology they aren't sorry they knew what would happen. But then again i feel amazing not having to deal with Keaton so i should thank them. I got out of bed and left my room and went downstairs nobody was in the living room so i took a seat and turned the tv on i do have a tv in my room but i love being able to watch my shows on a bigger tv and it just do happens grays anatomy is having a rerun of every episode. I turned the tv to my show and got comfy.


I woke and looked around the sun peeking in between the opening if the window curtains did i sleep all day!? I look at the time on the tv box and it said 7:56am i did! I slept all day and night yesterday so that means only 28 days till my birthday. I could barely see so i laid back on the couch again and closed my eyes but i wasn't tired now. As i laid the small glare of light peeking through the curtain settled on my face and i flipped over. As i finally began to get tired again the door to a room squeaked as it open waking me back up i groaned and flipped back onto my back wide awake. "Morning" dad said "yeah" I replied "28 days left, are you excited" "cant wait" i said as enthusiastically as i could after being woke up. Dad left the room and i remained still its not going to be a good day.

So today wasnt all bad but still not fun i was left at the house all day Jacob was in his room the whole time i wonder what hes doing? I changed into my pajamas and laid in bed.

*3 days before birthday*

Everybody is making last minute plans for my birthday party the place has been changed 8 times soon to be 9 the recent place had to cancel so dad is gonna call another place today and mum is going to make sure the caterers are still coming and to tell them we had to relocate my party again. Liam and Niall are in charge of decorations and Harry and Zayn are just here they aren't assigned a specific job they are just helpers and to make sure i don't hear any plans of anything or what my cake is. I cant wait till the party all the presents and i get to dress up and everything! Even Robert is gonna be there since we decided not to go out on my birthday but for him to come to my party. I left my room "woah cant leave your room" Harry said holding his hand out i smiled "let me guess a super secret birthday meeting is going on downstairs that i cant be apart of?" "Correct" he said i nodded and went back into my room. "1,345 messages from Wes and awhile back Keaton i assume hes over me now since i havent got a recent call or text from him. "Ok Misty your allowed out now" Harry said i left my room and went downstairs "so wheres my party gonna be at now?" I asked "well i mean its not gonna be a high up place but we got ahold of the community center and they said we can rent out the place for the day" Dad said i was surprised by that the only time that place is heard of is when there is prom or small group concerts "thats cool" i said smiling assuringly. "So is there anything particular you were going to wear?" Mum asked "yeah actually but I'm not telling" i said "nothing inappropriate Misty" "im not like that dad" i said and dad smiled "what time do you want the party to start Misty?" Mum asked "the afternoon" "what did you want to do in the morning then?" "Hang out with my family obviously" "no Robert?" Dad asked "no we will see him at the party" i replied

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