Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


62. this is a waste

~Wes's pov

"Wes this is a waste of time why did i have to come with you!" Keaton yelled at me "shut up only a little ways to go till we are there" "dude seriously if you want me to change i will take me to rehab just not back there again" he said "i am taking you to rehab" "not the good kind though" he whined "no rehab group is good Keaton suck it up and shut up" i said and kept driving.

Keaton eventually fell asleep i checked the time 5pm Misty should be home from her birthday party by now if she had one. I was close to her house i was low on gas so i pulled over to a gas station and refilled the car and went back on the road only an hour till im at mistys house I didnt tell Keaton we were going to Mistys house until we got on the plane and it was too late to get off he did try to tun when we landed but he didnt make it and again when we got i to the rental car and we stopped for gas but he almost got hit and i caught him before anything because he was recognized by a girl and when people heard the began to surround him. My little brother isn't the smartest but thats why i am here to watch over him and get him away from the drug head Courtney for awhile. I pulled into the drive and the lights were lit up i woke up Keaton "come on" "no" he said crossing his arms "if you stay in this car the air conditioner will be turned on and if i come back and its off i will make you sleep with it on tonight" i said stern. Keaton huffed and got out if the car and we both walked up to the porch "what are you even gonna say to whoever opens the door...oh i need to talk to Misty and when she cones to the door you confess your love to her and how you despised me and her together" Keaton said i looked at him and grabbed his collar "i have no feelings for Misty at least not in that way and you know i dont because if i did i would be with her by now" Keaton looked surprised but he replaced it with a whatever face and i let him go and we kept walking. I knocked in the door and Louis answered i smiled and Louis called out "Misty its for you" he said and he smiled at us then he left. Misty approached the door and she looked at Keaton with disgust and Keaton returned then she looked at me "what are you guys doing here?" She asked rude "i came to apologize" i said she didn't bother ask for Keaton's explanation "apology accepted" she said and she gave me a hug i knew she missed having her best friend and now step two "Say can i use the restroom i haven't been able to go because someone kept trying to run away every time i stopped the car" i said eyeing Keaton "yea sure" she said and let me in "please watch him id hate to loose him in London" then I left.

~Mistys pov

i staid at the door glancing at Keaton every so ofter he had his head down but i would see him from the corner of my eye looking at me. "So its your birthday?" "Um yeah actually" i said returning Keatons rude tone "somebody must be getting lucky tonight with what your wearing" "excuse you" i said "oh please who were you trying to impress...your new lover?" "Maybe I was" i said back and to which Keaton didnt reply so it was silent. I felt that weird pain in my chest again what is it? My throat felt sore i saw Keaton again looking at me as i was turned to the side again acting like i didn't notice and my chest hurt "you feel your loves pain" flickered in my mind i looked at Keaton who looked at me "what?" He asked " you feel that?" I asked gosh I hope I don't sound desperate for a conversation "no" he said "oh" i replied and looked heart pounded what is going on? I took a moment to! No! No! NO! It cant i cant im just thinking this right? I cant actually still have feelings for him ive not even talked to him i cant still love him it's impossible. I looked over at Keaton again and that feeling came again...ugh im tired of looking at him! I took a deep breath even though i cannot stand Keaton right now. "So you tried running away too?" "Yeah so i didnt have to come here and be reminded" "oh. Wow reminded of what?" "The stupid party! Or be reminded that i still love you!" He said rudely "oh" "is Wes heading back yet so we can go?" He asked "no i dont see him" "oh well im going to go sit in the car" he said and he walked away i stood there, my thought we interrupted by Wes "so wheres Keaton?" "In the car" i said and he nodded "you both didn't talk?" "No" i said holding back the pain. "Im sorry i just showed up but happy birthday! I see you wore the gift Brianna got you and is that necklace from Kea-" "no no never Jacob gave it to me" i replied and Wes nodded "so would you like to hang out tomorrow?" He asked i debated it but nodded "i have nothing else planned why not" i said and Wes laughed. I waved goodbye to Wes and he drove out of the driveway and into the street then i walked inside. I went up to my room and sat in my chair in front of my vanity and started wiping my makeup off with those makeup remover sponges. My eyes glanced down at the necklace from Keaton my blood boiled but then i went weak as what he said to me came back. I grabbed the necklace and looked at it i felt anger but tears formed in my eyes he isn't worth anything he has hurt me so many times nobody deserves as many chances i gave him after the second breakup i should've let him go i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. I left my chair and removed all jewelry and my flower crown then i changed my clothes and i went to bed. I don't understand why i even told Wes yes i would hang out with him that means i have to deal with Keaton and he's gonna be a complete ass and i know this is a waste of a productive day because of one attitude boy.

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