Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


66. the plane ticket

~Mistys Pov

Its been a week now since i left Keaton in his car, those dreams stop reoccurring luckily but i miss Keaton and i understand now those dreams were to make me stay closer to Keaton i just took it wrong at least thats what my therapist said he also advised me to go see Keaton and apologize but what if he doesn't want to see me? Every time i think of him i get upset and cry what would happen if i seen him again in person now?

I left my room and went downstairs everyone was sitting on the couches but they were t watching the tv and they all looked at me as i walked down the last flight of stairs "what?" I asked "we need to talk" dad said "about what?" I asked "Keaton" mum said the name struck me like an arrow in the chest and i gained tears in my eye "i dont want to please lets just drop it" i said and i left into the kitchen. I know they are all worried but I'm not discussing this with them. I remained in the kitchen for awhile eating without being bothered i then left the kitchen seeing they all listened and dropped the subject. I laid on my bed trying to forget Keaton but I'm laying in the bed he once laid in "here Misty" Jacob said sitting something on my bed i flipped over and sat up and grabbed what he gave me..."a ticket...but why?" I asked "you know why Misty" he said "i..Jacob i cant i cant face Keaton yet" "you can and you will ok you know your regretting every day your not going over there to apologize the tickets for next week its the earliest i could get private plane is being worked on" Jacob said "no, i cry at the thought of Keaton" "because you miss him, now keep the ticket somewhere safe i hate seeing my little sister upset...especially when its my fault" i looked at Jacob and nodded and to which he left. I looked at the ticket to California July 24, 2007 below was 5-24-07 and other printed stuff on the kitchen. Its turning to fall in America so that means i have to go and search for warmer clothes. How long am i gonna be over there? Maybe i will just find as many outfits i can find and base how many days i'll be gonna on that.

Ive found 6 outfits but then i seen another shirt and figured 7 outfits so a week i could stay. I went downstairs again kinda bummed i cant go till next week to apologize I'm sure Keaton will still be there when i go over though. I sat on the couch with the others who didn't talk to me which was alright considering the tv was on and there was a movie playing.


Its been a week! I gathered my stuff shoved it in my suitcase and left the house. Jacob drove me to the airport he offered and i accepted "how long are you going to be gone?" He asked "umm i packed enough clothes to last me a week" i replied looking at my suitcase Jacob nodded and pulled up to the airport doors i got out and waved "see you soon" he said "yeah" i said and walked inside. I sat down watching people pass by and smile or wave at me which i returned but other people seemed busy rushing around with the luggage and phone in their hand i had to admit some people were hard not to laugh at.

The California plane was called and i got up and headed to the corridor i passed the lady and headed on down to the plane where i took my seat. I got a window seat which was no problem to me i sat quietly and smiled and passing people. I didn't get a first class ticket but i wouldn't want to have that much money spent on one of those tickets. Everyone settled onto the plane finding their seats a lady sat next to me she didn't seem to talkative so i should leave her alone. "Alright ladies and gentlemen well be taking off soon fasten you seat belts and please turn off your phones thank you" a lady said so i buckled up my phone was already shut off and got comfortable and fell asleep.

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