Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


18. The concert

~day that Misty goes to concert~

It's the day of the concert Noel,Livy,and I went to the mall we all bought some clothes I got a pair of high waisted shorts and a black off the shoulder top that came to the lining of my shorts I straightened my hair then curled it. Noel went and put on her outfit which was a black tank top sorta thing it went around her neck then down and a pretty blue skirt I didn't know how she was gonna do her hair. When she walked out her hair was in beach curls she moved all her hair to one shoulder and walked over to me because I had the makeup and I was in front of the mirror we done our makeup waiting for Livy to change and fix her hair and everything. "So Noel you never told me what concert we were going to so can you tell me?" She shook her head "no it's a secret" I groaned "fine" I said and continuing to put on makeup. Livy came out and she had on almost the same thing as Noel except her top was strapless and black and the skirl was a pink color the skirt wasn't too tight or loose and her hair was straightened she walked over to us and put on some make up. We finally finished and Noel looked at her phone "only 5 hours till the concert what shall we do?" "What 5 hours you mean I could have slept for 3 or 4 hours then got dressed!?" I said she nodded and said "we'll I didn't know how long we would take to get ready" we all walked downstairs and out the door. We walked down the sidewalk. We went to stores and everything "ugh only 1 hour has passed" Livy said we all groaned "thanks Noel" I said she raised her hands in defense and said "I'm sorry" I laughed "I'm joking Noel, how about we go to the mall?"  We all agreed and walked there "how about we order a cab right now for later" Livy said I pulled out my phone and dialed I quickly asked Noel what time and she said "5:00" I nodded and somebody answered the phone.

(call.     C=cab person , M=Misty)


m- hello I would like to order a taxi at 5:00

c- ok where at, at 5

m-Burbank town center I front of Macy's

C-ok there will be a cab there at 5

m-ok thank you bye

c- bye

i hung up and put away my phone and said "I ordered a taxi for 5 it will take at least an hour to get there and that would leave us with 3 hours till the concert" they nodded and we were at the mall. We walked in and looked around I saved myoney for the taxi driver for the end of the drive and I really wasn't in the mood for buying anything after walking around none of us bought anything because we knew we had to carry them the whole day even through the concert. My legs started to feel tired so I told Livy and Noel that I was gonna go sit down as they went and shopped the nodded and I went to the food court I sat down and laid down my head. I wasn't tired it was just I really bored and I had nothing to do. I sat there for what seemed like 30 minutes until I heard Noel say "hey Misty were done looking" I looked up and nodded they sat down and we talked I dozed off staring past Noel I came back to reality when somebody was waving their hand in front of me I looked and it was Livy I smiled but she didn't she pointed behind me I looked and there was Ash I looked back at Livy then she came over beside me and whispered "you dozed off and Ash came up with the other boys he saw you staring at something he didn't know you dozed off he looked the direction you were and where you were looking there were a couple of teenage boys". Livy went back to her seat I turned around and Ash was still there but not looking at me I stood up still didn't look at me I put my hand on his shoulder he looked down at me then back up ignoring me I hated when people ignore me I removed my hand from his shoulder and I walked away I didn't wanna yell and start to cry and have my makeup ruined I walked to a store I sat on the bench in front of the store. I looked around keeping my mind off of what just happened it was hard but I did I stood up after calming down I walked back to the food court to see Livy and Noel the only ones there I walked over to them and they smiled "common it's 4:58" Livy said we all hurried out of the mall and waited in front of Macy's the cab arrived and we all got in and the driver was off. After and hour or so we arrived at the arena we got out and I payed the driver then got out we went to the arena Noel gave our tickets to the ticket person and we all walked in I was anxious to see who was playing we got as close to the stage as possible which was like 3 rows away there were no seats but the people that were already here were all lined up. I sat down tired already of standing we all talked then more people came in I stood up so I didn't get stepped on I continued to talk to Noel and Livy then the light dimmed and all heads faced the stage then few light turned on, on the stage then there was singing it was familiar music I listened then once I heard the music I knew it was emblem3 I looked at Biel who was so excited I looked back at the stage the boys were on there singing 'Chloe'

Chloe I know your sister turns everyone on
But you're the one I want
But you're the one I want
Yeah, yeah

Front page magazine
Everybody says that she's the queen
But that's you to me
And I just want to let let you know that
(You're the one I want)
She likes the flashing lights
I love the way that you like candle light
Stay close by my side

I just want a chance to show that
(You're the one I want)

If only you could believe in yourself the way I believe in you
I-I do

I zoned out after that part I just watched them move around the stage they finished that song then went to another Keaton went and high fived peoples hands that were in the front row. I watched him and his eyes landed on mine he smiled and stood back up and sang the song. When it was over they took a break I started talking to Noel and Livy just then their faces lit up and they smiled I looked at them all they did was point behind me I slowly turned around and seen Keaton he had his hoodie up so no one noticed him. He looked at me and I slightly smiled and said "what so you want?" He looked at me and said "you" I shook my head "I'm sorry Keaton I told you in London we were over you messed up your the reason why I came to California" he looked down and said "I know I messed up it was just that day Jacob found out about us and he said when he found whoever sent you text messages which was me Jacob said that hevea gonna kill them Wes told me I had to break up with you I didnt want to but Wes told me it was the only way and I didn't wanna face the truth when I met up with you I didn't wanna talk because I didn't wanna break up with you it was to hard I loved you I couldn't break up with you" I was about to cry I done all of this because of Jacob and Keaton tried to explain but I couldn't forgive him I'm dating Ash right?. I looked over at Noel and she nodded then she showed me her phone Tyler texted her a pic of Ash kissing this ugly chick I smiled I turned around and Keaton was walking away I ran up to him and whispered yelled his name he turned around and I smashed my lips onto his he kissed back when he realized it was me his hood fell off but he didn't care nor did I we backed up to the stage stairs we pulled away and he looked at me and was about to say something until he was called to go back up on the stage he left and I went back to Noel and Livy they looked at me angry I asked "what?" They looked at me and said "your dad is Louis Tomlinson and you dated Keaton Stromberg when were you gonna tell us about you dating Keaton!?" I shrugged and said "whenever the topic came up" "un that topic was up when you told us about Louis being your dad!"they looked at me then music began playing and the boys came up on stage before the song started Keaton said into the microphone "this one goes out to my girl Misty" I blushed and Noel and Livy smiled "Misty where are you" I looked up and smiled he seen me and motioned for me to come to the front "Misty come up to the front" I slowly walked up there girls smiling at me I smiled back and waved nervously when I got to the front he pulled me up on the stage which wasn't that high up so it was easy to get up it. Keaton looked into my eyes as he sang with the others when it was his turn I blushed and Keaton kissed me I heard awes from the crowd I blushed more Keaton turned off his mic and whispered to me "how does it feel to be on stage?" I smiled and said " umm...Amazing I feel like a princess" he smiled and said "we'll will you do the honor of being my princess?" I nodded land he said "we'll princess after this concert will you go on a date with me?" I nodded smiling then Keaton turned in his mic and sang. I stood there smiling like an idiot Keaton put his hand on his stomach singing I was still smiling as he sang to me looking me straight in the eyes not looking away for even a second when the song finished he gave me one last kiss before I got off stage I went back to Noel and Livy and they gave me a huge hug the boys all said their goodbyes and ran off stage "so what are we gonna do now?" Noel asked I looked around and said "I'm sorry guys but Keaton asked me on a date after the concert" they squealed and said "don't be sorry go be happy we'll see you later ok" I nodded and Keaton appeared behind me and he said "ready to go?" I giggled "what?" He asked "um I'm not going on a date with you looking like that" "what's wrong with what I look like?" He asked I then said "umm your shirt is sweaty along with your hair and you stink" he looked and agreed and he said "how about we go to my hotel to shower then we will go out?" I nodded and we walked outside to see a car ready we got in and Wes and drew were there I smiled at them at they started a conversation I looked over at Keaton as he looked down at me and smiled.

~The boys hotel~

the hotel the boys wee staying at was one room with multiple inside Keaton ran to the bathroom I heard the shower start so I stood there Wes and Drew sat down on the couch and played FIFA. Wes lost and I laughed I guess he heard and he said playfully "you think this is funny how about you come over and play" I nodded "I never played before but yea I'll play" I sat down and started playing in the end I ended up winning Drew looked at me and said "how is this possible nobody ever wins against me except Keaton are you sure you never played?" I smiled and nodded "positive" and then Drew looked at Wes and said "hey she never played before and she beat me and you've played almost all your life and never won against me" Wes smirked "shut up she cheated" "let's play again" I said Drew agreed and we played again

~10 times of playing FIFA~

"Wes will you face it already she's better at FIFA than us" Drew said "one more time" Wes said we replayed I almost lost but made a comeback I won I jumped up and said "haha I won 13 times I won against Drew, what about you Wes how many times have you won against Drew in FIFA? That's right NONE and you've played longer than me" I laughed and Wes said "she's just like Keaton has to rub everything in peoples faces no wonder why he likes her" I smiled proud I heard Keaton yell "princess" I replied "yea" and he said "I forgot a towel can you grab me one" "yea hang on" I looked at the boys and said "where are the towels?" Drew pointed to a closet I opened it and I grabbed a towel and headed down the hall "no funny business"Wes said I laughed and kept walking I went to the bathroom where he was I knocked on the door he opened it and grabbed the towel and put It loosely around his waist I smiled butting my lip he pulled me into a kiss that was soft but passionate he pushed me against the wall putting his hands on my waist I wrapped my arms around his neck "hey what did I say about funny business" I heard Wes say coming closer Keaton backed away and went back to the bathroom he came back out with a pair of boxers on Wes was up to us and he said "now Misty what did I say about funny business?" I sighed "to not to but we were jus kissing" "exactly and kissing could lead to sex and at that time Keaton had a towel loosely around his waist" I rolled my eyes along with Keaton "bro go away" I giggled and Wes said "whatever I'll leave you and your princess alone but no funny business ok Keaton we don't want her pregnant" I blushed a bright red and smiled. Wes left and I looked at Keaton he walked away and to his room when he came back he was dressed but not to fancy we walked down and to where the others were Keaton opened the door and walked out what happened to lady's first? I thought in my mind "why didn't you let me go out first?" I asked he looked at me he was outside the door and I was inside he. Smiled and said "because I wouldn't be able to do this" just then he picked me up and brought me outside I heard Drew say "he's so lucky" I giggled then we walked to the car instead of the motorcycle he opened my side of the car and I got in then he shut it and went to his side and got in. He started the car and we drove off we arrived at a small restraunt

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