Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


50. The boys

It was close to getting dark "lets go see how Wes is doing" "sounds fun" he said and we left the room and down a floor. We knocked and Wes answered "oh you two done?" He asked "we've been done" i said "well come in i guess" i shut the door behind us. "So were we really that loud?" I asked "yea luckily Jacob wasn't here because he would've been up there yelling" "but he knows were together right?" Keaton asked "he does know you two were gonna get together but he doesn't know that Misty isn't a virgin anymore" Drew said "well obviously he doesn't he would kill me if he knew" i said "ohh" i said after I put all of it together.

*Next Day*

I woke up and put my clothes back on then i woke up Keaton and he also got dressed. "I should go home" i said "i know you do" he said hugging me from behind. We left the room and turned the hotel key in and Keaton got the car keys and we left. When i got home i kissed Keaton and got out "call me or text me" he said "i will" i said and shut the car door. I walked inside happy "whats got you in a good mood?" Dad asked "can i not be happy?" I asked "i never said you couldn't but its just different now" "yea your face seems brighter" mum said "well its just how i feel right now" i said and went to my room. I laid on my bed smiling but sat up when my door was opened it was Jacob "oh hey" i said "how was your sleepover with your friend?" He asked "okay i guess, we couldn't do a lot her parents were out" "oh well at least you got a friend" he said "yea" said "how about you and Keaton? did you both work things out?" "yea, were good now" "well that's good and i know you wouldn't do anything bad with him" "anything bad?" i asked "not killing people but you know, doing the naughty in bed" "oh, that yea i would never do that until i'm older" i said lying but i don't want to be lectured by my brother right now. "ok well see you later" he said and left.


So i got out of bed i texted Keaton for a little then he said he was gonna take a nap. I went downstairs and Jacob was sitting there seeming worried so i sat down "is something wrong?" i asked "nothing really Misty" "oh okay" "Wes, Drew, and Keaton are coming over in a few" "cool" i said smiling and Jacob nodded. When they got here they went upstairs to Jacobs room and i just stayed downstairs, well until Jacob asked me to come up to his room. I got to Jacobs room i actually never been in here before and it was a mess and it smelled yuck! "what did you want?" i asked "well since you and Keaton are here, Drew wants to have a party for both you since you guys are back together and also since you guys didnt spend you anniversary together" "yes" "no" we said we looked at each other "yes" Keaton said "no" i said "why not?" he asked "because Keaton" i said "why?" he asked again "let's go downstairs and talk about this" i said walking out of Jacobs room the boys laughed and said "ohh Keaton" i walked downstairs and Keaton soon was down there to i crossed my arms and looked at him "why dont you want to have a party?" he asked "well first off party as an anniversary? it sounds bad" "but what if nothing happens?" he asked "you dont know that Keaton" "why are you so against this do you not want to be together!? because i can break up with you" he yelled my hands unfolded and fell to my sides "you want that dont you i dont want a party because things could get out of hand and you could do some bad things and do something you might regret all i want for an anniversary is a gift and something you would plan out as a surprise, but you want to be over so you can party and not worry dont you" i said about to cry "no it's not what i want im sorry for upsetting you, i guess a party isnt a good way to spend an anniversary is it?" "no, exactly what i was saying but you got caught up in the thought of a party your opinion was the only thing that matters! well news flash my opinion also matters you're not the only on in this relationship!" "no you opinion matters we wont have a party i swear i dont want one anymore i promise" "so no party?" i asked "promise" he said and i smiled "thanks Keaton" "i cant say no to my princess" "and this princess has to stop you from doing things you might regret later" i said hugging him "if i ever hear that you threw a party behind my back i will break up with you in a snap and block you out of my life forever" i said "understood" he said. I let go of him and told him to go tell the others no about the party and he went upstairs. 

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