Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


27. thank you

"misty will you please come back to louis and the others house they all miss you even after what you done" i said and she sighed "if it will make you happy" i smiled "yes and you know what would make me really happy?" she looked at me and said "what" like she didn't know i smiled and said "me and you in that house in your bed" she smiled "hmm how" "to late" i said and i picked her up and ran to the door of her house  i ran in and up the stairs and in to a room. "keaton robert stromberg" she said when i put her down "yes?" i said and she said "i swear if you ever do that again..." " "you will what...make me pay" i smiled at her and she rolled her eyes "if your gonna make me pay then lets do it now" she looked at me i wiggled my eyebrows and she said "your a perv" "maybe but you know you like it" she smiled and she motioned with her finger to come closer i did and i got up to her face and kissed her and she kissed back i laid her on her bed and i got on top of her. i looked down her body and i noticed that she was a lot skinner than before but i wasn't gonna tell or ask her about it.


We laid on the bed panting "'' i asked misty "who.said.i.was.leaving?" she said back to me i smiled and said "i did" as i looked at her she smiled and nodded and we both got up and got ready. when we were done we left and headed to the house. When we arrived there we walked in and were instantly greeted by everyone and they all gave Misty hugs "you see i told you they all missed you" 


Keaton left and Jacob went with him and i'm living with Louis and them El sold our old house after we moved all our things out of there. my hair color now is fading away im gonna have to get it recolored soon. i walked downstairs and saw everyone i smiled at them and they smiled back i sat down on the floor "Misty when do you want to go get your hair recolored?" Louis asked and i said "soon like today or tomorrow" "can you get it your natural hair color?" Niall asked and i shrugged "maybe but i would look weird" "no you wouldn't im sure" "you don't even know what i look like without my blonde and blue hair" "yea i do Louis has a picture of you that the orphanage lady gave him  when he was finding someone to adopt" "well liked my hair that way?" and Niall nodded and i smiled "well i guess i could change it back to my natural color" "yay" Niall said happily and we all laughed. "hey lets go today" El said i shrugged "alright when?" "i got to be at work at 4 and im pretty sure the boys have to go rehearse at 5 or so" "well 5:30 to be exact" i nodded "well its 1 right now and it would take at least 2 hours to do my hair so if we leave now and get there at 1:10 exactly at 2:45 my hair will be done" "wow that must of took a lot of math" "hehe...butterflies" i said i hate sounding like a nerd i'm excellent at math but i don't wanna be. "alright lets go" Louis said and we all got up and left


i was right my hair was done at exactly 2:45 we walked to the front "how much do you think this will cost?" Louis asked me "20 dollars and 10 cents" i covered my mouth with my hand and walked faster Louis walked to the register and payed. he walked over to me and the others and said "misty you wre right i payed 20 dollars and 10 cents" i smiled "how did you know?" Niall asked i shook my head and left to the car. we got in and drove around and before we knew it, it was 4 we dropped El off and went back home. i walked inside and sat on the couch and watched tv the others came in and sat down and Louis took the remote i sighed as he changed it i decided to go up to my room and watch tv so i walked to my room and laid on my bed and watched tv. i began to feel tired but thirsty so i got up and headed to my door i went to open it but somebody else did i jumped back and seen it was Zayn i put my hand on my chest and sighed "i scare you?" he said and i nodded he laughed and came closer to me and grabbed me he looked at me and pushed me against the door making it shut "you know i got a thing for brunettes" Zayn said and i swallowed the lump in my throat he licked his lips and then smashed his lips onto mine i tried to stop him and resist kissing him but it failed a tear fell from my eye then more this was so wrong i shouldn't be doing this its wrong i'm cheating on Keaton" i pulled away "Zayn i got a boyfriend!" "and?" "and...and i'm with him i should be kissing him not you!" "don't seem like it if your kissing me" more tears fell down my face i don't know what to do anymore "come on just this once after we don't have to do it ever again" i didnt reply which to Zayn i guess meant yes because he kissed me and locked the door and moved me to my bed. he got on top of me and kissed my neck he then took off his clothes and mine i was in my bra and panties and Zayn was in his boxers. i took a deep breath "come on Misty have some fun let loose" "no this isn't right" "now or i will tell your precious boyfriend you cheated on him" my lips started to shake "fi...fine" i said and i sighed and forgot everything except what was happening now i kissed Zayn and he smiled.


This was great i want Misty now that me and Perrie aren't together anymore. Misty took off her bra and threw it i took off my boxers and i then took off her panties i pulled the covers over us and i kissed down Misty's body once i got to her lower stomach i went back up to her and said "do you got a condom?" "yea in my drawer but i don't want you to use it" "woah...umm Misty i dont think you want to be pregnant at this age" "aww pleasee" i shook my head and looked over at her beside table i opened the drawer getting one out. i smiled and got one and put it on i opened her legs and looked at her and she nodded i pushed inside of her and she moaned lowly though i went a bit faster and she grabbed onto my back.

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