Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


12. Swimming

Noel stood up after a couple minutes and said "let's go swim!" I nodded and took off my sunglasses so did they I made sure to hide my phone. I walked to the water with Noel and Livy we splashed around and talked until we got out of the water we seen a ice-cream shop we walked there it wasn't far we ordered and we went back to our towels. I finished mine first and Livy and Noel were almost done I laid down and put my sunglasses on I bent one leg up and sat there talking to Noel and Livy waiting for them to finish up their ice-cream.

*random Guys Pov*

I seen a girl laying down on a towel talking to two other girls soon the two girls stood up and left i looked at the girl laying on the towel I turned away and looked at the water "what were you looking at?"my friend Tyler asked I shook my head "nothing" "yea right was it that girl over there?" "Tyler shut up I don't like her I just want to be her friend" I said "ok we'll go talk to her"Tyler said I rolled my eyes and he said "come on go" I shook my head "Tyler I can't". "We'll go over there and talk to her or I will go over and tell her you like her" tyler said "no tyler I don't like her I just wanna be her friend" I looked away fromTyler And when I looked back after a couple seconds tyler wasn't there I looked around and seen Ty talking to that girl.

*Tylers Pov*

i ran over to that girl she looked at me and I said really fast knowing that I was probably get caught "hi im Tyler and my friend over there thinks your beautiful an-" I was pulled away before I could finish.

*Mistys Pov*

that Tyler guy was pulled way by another guy he was cute I smiled and the one guy came over to me and said "hi I'm Ash" I smiled "I'm Misty nice to meet you and your friend" he laughed and sat down next to me "Misty were back" Noel yelled I smiled then she said "who is he?" Pointing to Ash I smiled "that's Ash" she nodded "and who's he?" She asked again in a different tone I laughed and Tyler said "I'm Tyler who are you?" "I'm Noel" she smiled and we all talked I stood up after a couple hours it was almost sunset and I said "well guys I better get going" "noo" Noel and Livy said I smiled and said "yess" "how about we take a walk on the beach before we leave" Noel said I sat there and thought then she said "please" I stood there for a couple more seconds then said "sure" she smiled and I said "only because I know you wanna spend more time tyler" she blushed and then Livy said "this is no fair I have no guy to talk to" she pouted and I smiled and I looked

around the beach trying to find somebody for Livy to talk to my eyes landed on a guy maybe 16 and I said "why don't you go talk to him" I pointed to the guy who was alone looking at the water she looked at the guy then back at me "are you joking he's fucking hot why would he wanna talk to me!?" I laughed and said "go ask him"  she shook her head then Noel jumped up and said "I will" then tyler added "me to" then they ran off together Livy tried to stop them but there was no use she came back and sat back down and put her head in her hands. "Who is it?" I looked up and it was the guy then Noel said"her the one with her face in her hands" Livy looked up and smiled and said "hi I'm Livy"the guy smiled and said "I'm Travis" they started talking them we all went and took a walk on the beach Ash put his arm around me and I done the same he pulled me close to him I didn't mind we kept walking laughing and everything I looked and seen Livy kissing Travis and Noel kissing Tyler is it common to kiss someone you just met now? I sighed missing Keaton Ash stopped and said "is something wrong?" I shook my head "come on I know something's up" I slightly smiled and said " had a boyfriend and we broke up and I just miss him" Ash gave me a hug and he said "I'm sorry" I smiled and said "it's fine let keep walking" and we kept on walking when it was almost dark I stopped and gave Ash a hug and we exchanged numbers and then I called for Noel and Livy who were also exchanging numbers with their boyfriends Then we got our things then we left Livy and Noel's mom came and got them at the hotel I'm staying at we all exchanged numbers then Livy and Noel left. I went up to mine and Els room I opened it and el wasn't back so I closed the doorand went and took a shower then changed into some pajamas and sat on the bed and watched tv












































































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