Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


33. so your the famous Misty tomlinson

i went home and opened the door Jacob was there i asked him where Keaton was and he said "are you sure you want to know?" i nodded and he sighed and said "he went on a date" my heart dropped " he didn't he wouldn't" "yes he did he thought you didn't want him so he went out and found a girl and asked her on a date" my lips started to shake and tears filled my eyes i cant believe this i walked upstairs and to my room i locked my door and sat in there crying.


i walked downstairs and Jacob was on the couch i could tell that he was worried i sat next to him and said "Jacob whats wrong?" "you want to know everything?" i nodded and he took a deep breath and said "misty began cutting a few days ago because of Zayn when Keaton was gone Zayn and her had sex and misty felt disgusted so that led to cutting...then her and Keaton broke up and misty told him why they had to break up and blah blah blah Keaton told me to tell misty when she got back that he was out on a date so i told her a few minutes ago and she walked upstairs and i'm worried what if shes cutting herself" i didnt know how to feel "ok so let me get this straight misty had sex with zayn then she started cutting then broke up with keaton and told him that zayn was the reason they had to break up then keaton went on a date and misty is in her room?" "yea if you want to put it in a simpler way" i sighed "this is not right" i said "whats not" "Keaton out on a date with a different girl" "really? i mean you told me that you didn't like him and really didn't like him and misty together" Jacob said and i nodded "yea but now i see how much Misty likes him" "what are you gonna do?" "i dont know" and then we were quiet.


i was in my room when my phone went off i looked and it was a video from i dont know who but i opened it i clicked the link and it said "Keaton stromberg was seen just a few minutes ago with his brother Wesley and their friend Drew at a resteraunt and soon were accompanied by two girls" i paused the video and cried he was on a date well it cant get any worse than this i resumed the video and it said "but as we got closer shots we recognized these weren't just any girls they were Brooke and Brianna stromberg" then there was them leaving and getting into a car and people following and the the video stopped where were they going?" i then got another text but it was a picture it showed a building it was familiar a text was then sent and it said "emblem3 and Brooke and Brianna were seen going into this building which as by the look is a recording studio" i stopped the video and went and got ready i looked like a mess. i picked some black leggings and a grey sweater with a heart on it i put on a grey scarf thing and then a black beanie my hair was straight so it looked good then i put on pink lip gloss some eye shadow then eyeliner and mascara and i was done i threw on my grey shoes and left my room i walked thinking of how was i gonna get there "where are you going?" "out" i said no emotion it was Zayn i'm tired of him. i walked downstairs and i seen Jacob and Louis and i said "i'm going out" "where and how?" Louis asked "well i dont know...would you take me?" "sure" i smiled and he got up got the keys and we left "where to?" he asked and i said "well that store by that studio you and the boys go to" he nodded and we left the driveway.

-skipping drive-

i got out of the car and Louis left when he was gone i walked to the studio when i got there i went in and through a window where i could see in but on the other side you couldn't see out, i seen wes drew Brooke and Brianna i guess they either had a break or haven't started. i looked over and Keaton was alone in the corner he looked sad and i felt horrible i couldn't take it anymore i wanted him now i ran and opened the door Keaton looked up and when he seen me his face lightened up i ran and kissed him i wrapped my arms around his neck and he grabbed my waist and picked me then spun me around. when he sat me down we looked into each others eyes "i missed you Keaton" i whispered and he whispered back "i missed you too i never ever EVER want to break up again" "same i don't want to break up again...i love you Keaton" "and i love you too Misty" he said in a normal tone "oh so your the famous misty tomlinson" i looked and nodded at the two girls i don't know which is which yet. they smiled "Keaton talked about you ALL the time when he was in California" i blushed "stop it you guys" Keaton said "aww look hes embarrassed" he sighed "aww its alright Keaton" i said and he smiled. "i love your outfit" one girl said "thank you..." "Brianna" she said and i nodded "thank you Brianna i love yours and Brooke's outfits too" they smiled and said "thanks we went to the carnival earlier" "aww i want to go to the carnival" i said and then i smiled and we talked "so the boys are gonna start recording any second now wanna go out and shop?" Brooke asked i agreed and so did Brianna

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