Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


32. showing

We got to Drews friends and dressed Keaton and everything "hes got the clothes the hair the tattoos...but somethings missing" i said nobody talked for a few moments until drews friend Alex said "himself he doesn't act like a bad boy" i nodded "right okay...what did Misty tell us that made her like Zayn" "umm he has tattoos he has a motorcycle his clothes and there was one more thing...umm...he he smokes!" "thats right good job Drew" and drew smiled "here i got a pack of cigarettes" Alex said he handed them to Keaton along with a lighter he took one and lit it he put it in his mouth and after a few he was fine and his attitude changed...perfect there is no way Misty can deny him now. "lets go" i said and we all said bye to Alex and left back to Mistys house.


we got back to the house and i got out and walked to the door with Wes and Drew behind me i opened the door and went in there was nobody in the tv room so i went and sat down then Wes came in and Drew did too and they sat down. A few moments later Misty came down and when she saw me she was speechless her mouth dropped and eyes widened i smiled i knew she wouldn't be able to resist me. she left to the kitchen and i then got up and walked in there too. she was looking in the fridge i smiled and walked up behind her and grabbed her butt she jumped and turned and smiled when she realized it was me. i closed the fridge and grabbed he by the waist she giggled "wow you look different" "yea i changed a little" she got out of my grip and left.


i left the house i'm so confused now Keaton changed into a bad boy look and i like it but then there's still Zayn gosh this is so complicated. i walked around then went to the park i need somebody to talk to right now. i sat on a bench and cried for a bit "hey are you alright miss" somebody familiar said i looked up and there was Dylan i smiled and got up and hugged him "so whats got you down?" he asked and i said "boy troubles" "oh yea been there" he said i laughed 'so tell me everything" i took a deep breath and began "i dated a boy named Keaton stromberg and he decided to stay in his home town to help with his mom and i came back here well yadda yadda yadda a few days ago Zayn Malik from one direction decided he wanted me so he made me yea do it with him and yea but i'm single now but" "but what sweetie?" "but Zayn is giving me gifts and Keaton like totally changed" "well why do you think Keaton changed?" i thought for a moment then said "it had to be from his brother and friend because i told them that i wanted a bad boy like Zayn...what should i do!?" i freaked out i didn't know what to do "calm it you over dramatic chick" Dylan said i sighed and smiled "i'm not over dramatic" "alright whatever...but anyways about your boy trouble" i nodded "yea what should i do" "okay well it seems the boy who gave you the gifts Zayn or whatever is confident already that he will get you and the gifts are just to get you to like him and the other boy Keaton he literally changed for you that shows that he wants you he would do anything to have what do you think who deserves you more?" i put my head in my hands "i dont know" "listen to your heart" "keaton no Zayn no Keaton no..i don't know" "who loved you first?" Dylan said "well that's a hard question i'm not sure if Zayn liked me the first day we met" "oh alright well umm...who kissed you first?" "Keaton" i said "ok and when you first met him how did you feel?" "i felt wonderful we laughed and he was so cute when he knocked the milkshake all over himself and he looked as if he was gonna cry or die" Dylan smiled "and what about Zayn any fun times?" "well...actually no he never took me on a date" "you see now think who loves you more?" "well now i think of it Keaton does" Dylan smiled "see you could do it im so proud of you" he gave me a hug and said "now go be with Keaton...and don't let Zayn get in the way" i smiled and nodded then left.


hey guys sorry for short chapter but i have to admit that this story got me stuck i didn't know what to write for a long time but now i think i do so hope you like story and comment please


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