Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


26. seeing him again

Today was the day that Keaton came to visit i was so excited i gave him the address i was at and he said that he would be here around 2 it was now 2:10 but i didnt worry i knew he was gonna be here no matter what. i looked at my phone and i just then got a text from Keaton saying "hey im pulling in now" i smiled and ran outside I seen him step out of the car I ran up to him and hugged him but he didn't hug back I stopped and looked at him he had no expression on his face "what's wrong?" I asked him he didn't reply alright last time this happened we broke up and now I'm starting to feel sick what if that's what he wants to break up "Keaton please talk please tell me you don't want to break up I love you" "I seen what you done to Louis on tv I can't believe you why would you do that?" I looked down "I know I was stupid he tricked me into forgiving him" "but still why would you do that" "I don't know the other day that wasn't me I would never mean to hurt anyone I know" "well you hurt me" he said I sighed "I know but the other day I let my anger control me I didn't know what happened to me but it wasn't me" Keaton looked at me and tears filled my eyes "please I don't wanna break up I'm so so sorry" but Keaton shook his head "I'm not sure if I can be in a relationship with a girl who beats up her father" "no please Keaton" my stomach flipping everything and I felt sick. "Misty I'm sorry but were over" he walked away from me and got back into his car and started to back out I dropped to my knees and cried watched as he drove away I feel like im gonna die when he was gone I crossed my legs and stared straight not looking away just thinking of what just happened.


Im still where i was when Keaton broke up with me and i havent moved since, i feel like crap and probably look like a mess i have cried since that day. I was just looking straight when i looked over and i saw Keaton he was smiling why was he smiling? he got closer but he walked past me then disappeared it was a mirage and i sighed i do miss Keaton. "misty?" i heard some ask i looked and seen Louis i looked down no wanting to look at him "go...go away please" i said "no misty i want to talk to you and you cant stop me from doing that" "but i...i hurt you why do you want to talk to me?" i got no reply and it was silent. Louis waked closer and sat down next to me but i did not look at him "misty i saw you and Keaton on tv the other day what happened?" a tear fell i took a deep breath "we broke up because he seen me hurt you and he said he didnt think he could be in a relationship with a girl who beat up her father" "oh misty im so long have you been out here?" he said but i shook my head "ever since the day me and Keaton broke up and dont be sorry i'm the one who started it all i dont deserve happiness i dont deserve love i dont deserve a family or anything nothing, nothing at all". "misty you do deserve all that if you didnt i wouldnt be here right now...please just come with me" "i will think about it come back in 2 days i will be ready to answer your question" i said and he sighed "alright just please go inside that house and eat or sleep or do something instead of being out here" i sighed not replying to him. i heard his car start then i glanced over and he was pulling away then he was gone. i wasnt gonna move from this spot i wont go back in that house.


Keaton has been staying at the house the last few days he told everyone about him and Misty and i can tell he is heart broken everyone was on the couches and Keaton was laying down on one. Louis came through the door and said "you guys we got a problem" we all looked at him and he said "misty she hasn't moved from the driveway since that day we saw her and Keaton on tv. Keaton sat up quickly "what!?" he said "yes Keaton she hasn't moved from the driveway since that one day" he laid back down and covered his face with his hands "i didnt know she would do that" "dude she loved you and you broke-" "crushed" Louis interupped "whatever you 'crushed' 'broke' her heart she loved you with all her heart what do you think she would do just get over you that quick!?" he sighed "i know i love her too but i just cant...cant...i dont know" "well if you cant think of a reason then go get her back" he removed his hands from his face and said "ok i will" then he left.


i got into my car and drove to mistys house i got there and i seen her i got out of my car after turning it off and i walked over and sat next to Misty and looked straight just like she was. i sighed and said "Misty please forgive me im sorry" she didnt answer me "misty i love you with every bone in my body and when i broke up with you i was hurt-" "well good you should you deserve it" i looked over at her and i seen a few tears fall from her eyes. i didnt hesitate i grabbed her face and made her face me and i smashed my lips onto hers she kissed back and i smiled into the kiss. Never wanting to take my lips off hers i want her to know i do love her and never ever meant to crush her after a few we pulled away gasping for air "misty i...i missed you so much" "i missed you...too" she replied as we just looked into each others eyes.

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