Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


54. really!?

*Same day*

I got out of bed from my nap still angry why did they have to lie to me! I went downstairs the boys were there but i huffed and went to the kitchen. I ripped the fridge door open and grabbed a coke i shut the fridge door hearing the bottles and stuff on the fridge door shelf hit together i didnt bother checking to see if anything was broke i snapped open my coke and took a drink. I threw away the can once i was finished and left the kitchen "hey Misty" Louis said "what do you want" i said he gave a rude look which i returned "what is wrong?" He asked "Keaton, Wes, Drew, Jacob, you guys, and Keaton's whore x girlfriend is whats wrong!" I yelled "your mad about the party they had for you and Keaton?" "Yes of course i am! I said no party and then Keaton said no but then said what i didnt know wouldnt hurt me! They brought my friends down here to get me out of the house so they could fuck around!" "I thought the party was yours and Keatons anniversary party" "yea 30 people i didnt know came to mine and Keatons anniversary party i didnt even want and then Jacob calls up Keatons x who decides that Keaton is hers again!" I yelled "hey i told you it wasnt love Misty" Jacob said heading down the steps "maybe. But why did you have to do that to me!" "To show you" "show me what that your an asshole! I know that now" i said Jacob raised his hand he restrained but i flinched "Jacob!" Eleanor yelled "i-well she needs it!" Jacob said looking at me "maybe i do and so do you" i said "i was trying to help this family" Jacob said "how did what you do help anything?" I asked "Louis doesnt like Keaton and he didn't like you and Keaton dating so i helped fix that" "by the party? All the party was for was to break me and Keaton up?" I asked i dont know where i was going with this by this point "well yeah" he said, i staid quiet not replying i should be thanking Jacob right now hes the one who told me Keaton said yes to the party i shouldnt be yelling at him because i feel nothing anymore for Keaton no sympathy no love no nothing. "Misty what are you thinking?" He asked "i dont love Keaton anymore" i said Jacob gasped i looked at him "you were right me and Keaton werent in love everything was a lie" i said not a single tear fell. It seemed like i was lying to myself but i didnt want anymore kisses from Keaton i didnt want him looking at me i didnt want him touching me or being around me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and smiled "single is the best" i said and opened my eyes everyone was looking at me "seriously im fine" i said "this isnt like the thing that happened before with you thinking about valentines day is it?" Louis asked "i don't think so. Isnt not loving someone when you dont want to kiss them or touch them?" I asked "thats true..." Mom said and i nodded "see its fine im not gonna cry" i said smiling then it was quiet for a good 10 minutes id say then Zayn spoke "so your moving on?" He asked "yeah i am...not to you though" i said "wouldnt want you to" he said back "so we got something in common already we both hate you" i said e went to reply but then closed his mouth and shook his head frustrated at me i did like Zayn but no way in hell am i going back to him. I looked around the room thinking of my life with the other boys minus my dad with Harry i see nothing just a relationship that will end in cheating or a fight, Niall i dont know he isn't predictable which i like about him nothing is ever boring, and Liam i could see us together having a family because he just has that fatherly personality...but i aint dating none of the boys it was just a thought. I went up to my room cant believe i just broke up with Keaton today it feels like it happened yesterday or all of it was a dream, i got in bed and let out a deep breath and flipped on my side cuddling into my blankets it was good to know i could hog all the covers to myself now and not worry.

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