Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


61. party

I woke up instantly filled with joy its my birthday! I got out of bed 4:33am 8 hours till my party...i have so much to do! I jumped out if bed and to the hallway to see all sorts of decorations lined up and down the halls. I smiled and went down to the next floor also decorated with party stuff i went down the last flights of steps and to the bottom, also filled with party decorations, they really went out for my birthday not even i imagined this. I walked to the kitchen where i was greeted by everyone saying happy birthday i smiled like i never have, it hurt my face a little though "thanks all of you" i said giving everyone there a hug. "Misty will you be alright by yourself at home for awhile while we go and set up the center for your party in a few hours?" Mum asked "Yeah totally. Robert was gonna pick me up anyway and take me to the party if thats alright" i said facing dad who replied "sure" i could tell though he hated Robert and by the conversation we had the other day. "Come on Misty lets eat we made breakfast" Niall said i nodded and we went and sat at the table and the food was brought out. Confetti pancakes, sausage, biscuits, bacon, and fruits were brought out and it all smelled really good it made me more hungry than before. I grabbed a piece of everything on the table and began eating first with the bacon then i placed the piece of sausage between the biscuit and ate that it was nice to see everyone at the table eating this hasn't happened for awhile everyones so busy these days luckily everyone was able to take off my birthday just to help decorate and everything which was really nice of them to do. I finished up my pancakes and went and put my plate in the dishwasher and headed upstairs after thanking everyone for the food they made. So i need to take a shower, do my laundry, dry my hair, do my makeup, and get ahold of Robert. You're probably wondering why i need to do my laundry..well you see the other day i got my clean clothes out of the dryer and i took them upstairs well then I remembered i had to put everyones wet clothes in the dryer so i sat my clothes on my chair and i headed back downstairs i put the clothes in the dryer and got me a cup of milk and went back upstairs, and i took a drink of my milk as i walked into my room and i took too early of a turn and bumped into my makeup desk and spit my milk out and it got on my clothes so yeah. I got my milk clothes off the ground and went downstairs and to the laundry room and put them in the washer by the time i get out of the shower they should be ready to put in the dryer. I ran back upstairs and got in the shower i made sure to thoroughly shampoo and condition my hair and clean my body because i normally use my bath wash and scrub it on and hope i smell good because im normally in a rush but today is important and i want to smell really good. I got out if the shower and wrapped my towel around me put my slippers on and went downstairs i got my clothes from the washer and put them in the dryer and i went back upstairs and before i done anything i dried myself off and put my bra and panties on then i blow dried my hair which felt really good since i was cold from the air hitting my hit skin and creating goosebumps. I finished drying my hair and put my clothes on which was my mint/light blue color lace bralette with a white skirt with a see through outer layer the flared out if i spun. I know dad may not be very happy about my outfit choice but i mean I'm old enough to choose what i wear and what not. I curled my hair and done my makeup careful not to get any on my outfit i should've done this before i put my clothes on but its close to 12 and i haven't even got ahold of Robert i sat my eyeliner down before even putting it on and ran over to my bed to get my phone i kicked something laying underneath my bed "ow!" I yelled and shook my foot i looked and there was a box with a baby dent in it I'm really weak, i picked the box up and on the small car wedged in-between the bow said "from: Wesley Stromberg, to: Misty Tomlinson" i rolled my eyes and sat it on the floor again underneath my bed and i got my phone and called Robert. I walked back to my chair and sat down and held my phone to my ear with my shoulder and began applying my eyeliner i finished my ine eye when Robert answered "hey beautiful happy birthday. Am i still picking you up?" "Yea. Im almost finished you almost here?" "Yeah 10 minutes or less i will be there" "ok im going to finish getting ready bye" "bye see you in a few" he said and we hung up i done my other eye and then applied my mascara and put it away then i done my lipstick just a tan color nothing too noticeable but still completed my makeup. I sat on my chair and looked around thinking of what else I had to do my jewelry was already sitting out from yesterday that i was going to wear along with my shoes. My eyes landed underneath my bed at the wrapped present from Wes i remember when i got it last year i was still mad at him so i left it out in the porch but the mum came in my room with it and put it underneath my bed and i hadn't touched it till today i walked over and picked it up. It wasn't a big box but not a small box either i opened it up and there was a birthday card i opened it up and it said 'Happy birthday Misty I'm so glad you opened your gift i hope you like what we got you we worked very hard on it and we all couldn't decide on what to get you though so we all got you one thing we thought you would like!

~Keaton Wes Drew

Brianna Brooke'

I smiled at the fact that Brooke and Brianna actually got me something also. I looked down and everything was individually wrapped and signed with different names except for Brianna's gift it had a post it note in it and it was a white flower crown, i can wear this with my outfit i thought and smiled. I picked up the mext gift it was from Drew i opened it up and it was a book about emblem3 thanks Drew i mentally said to myself as i sat the book down next was Brooke i opened it and it was a figurine of a unicorn a medium size but not really kinda smaller but bit really small it was glass no color but i loved it. Wes's gift was next i opened the present and i laughed only he would wrap me up a box on condoms i sighed and sat the box down and the last was Keatons gift. I debated opening it still hating him but i want to know whats in it so curiosity got the best of me and i opened it up and it was a box so i opened the box and it was the necklace he gave me in California that said i love you to the moon and back he must have taken it when he was here. I sat it down and closed my eyes he lied about that he didn't love me like that! I got up knocking the box off my lap and making my chair fall over and barely scrape my leg, i put on my necklace Jacob gave me yesterday and my bracelets then i put on my tan flats and the flower crown Brianna gave to me and went downstairs. I sat in the couch for about 5 minutes until Robert messaged saying he was pulling in. I walked outside and greeted Robert with a hug a kiss and then i got in his car "you look amazing today" he said holding my hand i blushed "thank you" i said and we pulled out if the drive and drove to the community center.

When we pulled in i unbuckled my seat belt and got out i told dad that i was in my way here when we were driving so they should be ready by now. We walked up the stairs and in through the doors "There she is" Dad yelled and engulfed me in a hug i returned the hug and smiled when he let me go i looked around at the decorations "it looks amazing" i said "we tried our best" he said and patted my back there was people here already Dad and Mum must have invited them which i thank because i don't know anybody im best friends with except for Wes but we aren't talking anymore. I roamed around the party with Robert having random chats with each other or with other people just socializing and having fun.

Its about 5pm right now the party has gained a few more people and my gift table has been almost filled. I got a sample of the food and drinks at my party which was fantastic cant wait to eat. "Misty come over here and take a picture with us" mum said to me i nodded and i walked with her Robert still talking to someone else i got to the picture where mum and dad were standing in front of Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Harry i stood in between them and got our picture taken. "Ok now time to eat and then cake and presents!" Mum said and we walked over to the table sat out in front of all the other tables the music got quieter and dad announced present opening time and everyone gathered around as i opened presents.

After opening all the present i thanked everyone beyond nervous still from all the eyes on me and everyone then went and sat down at tables and food was served. I ate lady like careful not to get dirty and not to look like a pig. "This is good" Niall said stuffing his face i snorted as i laughed at him "Im sorry" i said controlling my laughter and ate again.

"Ok now whose ready for cake!" Harry yelled out and everyone clapped and yelled back. The cake was brought out and sat in front of me a 4 tier cake decorated with all the things i like and in icing my name on the top and mum, dad, Jacob, Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Niall names all over, i was sung happy birthday then i blew out the candles and people clapped and the cake was cut. I of course was handed the first piece chocolate cake which was my favorite i took a bite and it was like no other cake I tasted before "oh my this is amazing!" I said and they laughed i just smiled and kept eating

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