Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


19. Our first date

We walked inside the restraunt we got a table and ordered we were at a booth table Keaton was on one side and I was on the other. We talked for a while about random things then out drinks and food came as we ate we talked when we finished we payed and walked out of the restraunt we decided to walk since it was that dark out. We intertwined our fingers and continued walking until he stopped I looked at him and he smiled and said "I love you Misty more than you know" I smiled I was speechless I was about to cry I gave him a huge hug " I love you too" I wanted to stay like that forever in his arms he rested his forehead on mine and we stayed like that looking into each others eyes a tear fell from my eye his face went from happy to worried he then asked "what's wrong?" I shook my head "nothing" he nodded and we pulled away a continued to walk.

~at the hotel~

keaton offered to drive me home and I agreed when we got there I got out and he did too he walked over to me and gave me a kiss then he pulled away "bye princess see you tomorrow" I giggled and said "ok bye I love you my prince" then I walked away "I love you too my princess" I nodded then he got back in his car and drove off as I went to my hotel room.

~Keaton's Pov~

i drove away from Misty I already miss her I got to the parking lot of our hotel and locked the car I went to our room and got in the boys were on the couch I sat on the one couch and thought I sighed thinking about Misty I really miss her and it hasn't been a day and I miss her. "What's up little bro?" Wes asked "nothing" I said lying "common your lying tell me" Wes said eager to know I shook my head he got up off the couch he was on and came over to me and sat next to and said "tell me" I denied he kept scooting closer to me until he was almost on top of me. I still said "no I'm not telling" he smiled and said "it's Misty isn't it" my face turned to a light pink I his my face in my hands "aww it is her" I gave up and said "yea I miss her and it's only been like 30 minutes since I last saw her" then I heard Drew say "aww he's in love he's growing up" I lifted up my head and rolled my eyes. "Shut up Drew" I said almost laughing. "Hey it's not my fault your in love" Drew said stretching out the word love I sighed not knowing what to do.

~Mistys Pov~

i woke up and el was gone  seems note on the tv I looked and it said 

To Misty

hey I left for work early today ugh sorry but we also have to go back to London in a week boss is cutting this trip short because his family reunion. So have fun I'll see you when I get back from work love you bye

                                                      ~sincerely; Eleanor~

I sat there in a week I'm leaving to go back to London I then got a text from Keaton

K: hey I got some news

M:good or bad?


M:what is it?

K:I'm moving from London to live in my hometown my mother is sick and I wanna take care of her

M:we'll ok I'm leaving in a week so yea

i put up my phone and sat there and cried I won't be able to see Keaton in London I got another text I looked and it was Keaton it said  hey can we hang out? I replied "yea when?" I got a reply quickly and it said "now I'm outside you hotel room" I ran to the door and opened it i seen Keaton in front of the door smiling I smiled a bit then started to cry I seen his eyes start to water I ran into his arms and he said "I'm gonna miss you princess" I loved when he called me that "I'm gonna miss you too prince" I cried into his chest this can't be real I looked into his eyes once I calmed down and I said "I don't know what in gonna do without you" "me to but I promise I will come visit whenever I can" he said I smiled and said "ok we'll you wanna go?" He nodded and said "to the beach?" I nodded and said "let me put on my bathingsuit" he nodded and I let him in then I went and put on my bathingsuit. I went back out and I realized that Keaton had on his swim trunks we walked out and to Keaton's car and we drove to the beach we arrived and we sat in the sand just enjoying our time we had together. We laughed I laid in the sand and I said "I'm thinking about changing my hair" I heard Keaton laugh and sarcastically say "yea and I'm gonna quit emblem3" I looked at him and said "what is that supposed to mean?" He shook his head and we changed the subject.

~1 day before leaving to london~

i spent the whole week with Keaton we went swimming at the hotel I was staying and I spent time with Noel and Livy and sometimes it was me Noel Livy Travis and Tyler of course I told them the news about me going back to London. Today Noel,Livy, Keaton,and I are going out I got dressed in a random outfit and I went outside I waited then I seen Livy then Noel then there was Keaton then behind him was Travis and Tyler.  

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