Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


53. Next Day

So this morning i got dressed and done my makeup and hair then left with the others. Right now we are eating and I'm looking around trying to see if i see Keaton around anywhere which i dont considering me and Keaton never came to this Waffle House. "Misty whats up?" Travis asked "just looking around making sure Keaton isn't around" "we haven't seen him all day Misty hes not around maybe he's busy" Tyler said and i know Tyler was only trying to comfort me and all but i haven't seen Keaton or got message from him today and what if he's with another girl? "shall we go?" Livy asked "yeah lets go" i said getting up

*Later that day*

"it's almost 12 we should get to my house" i said leaving the restaurant with the others behind me "Misty sweetie you can hang out with us for as long as you want" "oh you guys dont want me tagging along this time should be just for the couples" i said "what's this about Misty?" Livy asked "nothing Livy i just thought you couples would want to be alone" i said "ok" Livy said and we got in the car. "you sure nothing is wrong Misty?" Noel asked "positive" i said lying. When we got to my house i got my bag and waved bye to everyone then went inside my house. I was hit by the scent of alcohol and cigarettes I shut the door and made my way upstairs to my room i stopped and seen Jacob halfway on his bed asleep i sighed then proceeded to my room. I went in and saw two bodies there i seen one was Keaton but the other i couldn't tell but i imagine it's probably a girl. I started crying and i threw my bag against the wall and that woke Keaton up "Misty?" he questioned sitting up "you dirty filthy man whore!" i yelled "wha?" he asked getting up but kinda stumbling and tripping multiple times over to me "'you cheated on me you slept with a girl in MY bed" i said barely above normal tone "WHAT!?" he yelled turning to face the bed and up jolted Drew from beside the bed and "why are you yelling damn!" he yelled then from under the covers Wes got up "shit hangover why we gotta be yellin this early in the day!" he yelled i looked at Keaton and sat on my floor and cried "baby i would never cheat on you" he said sitting down next to me and hugging me "i blamed you for cheating" "you didnt know it was Wes sweetie" he said "but i feel bad for it, i wish i could take it back" i said "well you cant but you can repay for it" he said then putting his lips to my neck and i gasped as he made contact and laid me on the floor "uh hey as much as i enjoy seeing girls only in their bras and panties i dont want to see my brothers girlfriend naked especially when im in the same room" Wes said i laughed after realizing they were still in my room and i put my shirt back on "maybe you guys should get out" Keaton said "i cant even see straight" Drew said "mhm" Keaton said and he looked at me "should we go get them some water and medicine?" "nah their hangover will go away soon" i said "your perfect" he said kissing my forehead and i blushed. "well breakfast?" i asked not knowing what to say "yea I'll take some pancakes and eggs" Wes said "same" Drew said "well the kitchen is downstairs" i said laughing and leaving i got downstaors and Keaton stopped me "i still kinda cheated Misty" "yea i remember yesterday" i said "Princess i didn't want her to come Jacob invited her when i was with her she tore my life apart i was a mess i would never want that again she came onto me" he said "a prince isn't always perfect" i said "but i want to be perfect for you i hate messing up i hate loosing you i hate when my past comes back and ruins my life I'm sorry" "you dont have to be perfect im not perfect i messed up really bad but you forgave me" "buy it was a while but with me you forgive me just like that, i dont want that i want you to be mad at me at least id know you cared" "you know i care Keaton" "but why cant you hate me?" "Because i love you i hate being away from you" "so your mad but not mad about last night?" He asked "id just like to forget last night, but except the fact that Jacob invited that no good chic" i said "i had no say in who he invited Mist" "im gonna go talk to Jacob now" i said and walked upstairs "Jacob Tomlinson" i said and he flopped off the bed and groaned "Misty?" He asked "yeah its me...what the fuck Jacob i told you no party and then you threw one? Me and Keaton told you no-" "you think Keaton said no he actually said what you didnt know wouldnt hurt you" he said "he what!" I yelled "you heard me Misty i thought you figured that out" "well obviously i didnt" i said and left his room i went back downstairs and the sight of Keaton made my blood boil "what did he say?" Keaton asked "you said yes to the want me to hate you, you got it get your shit and leave this house now and dont come back!" i yelled "Misty ple-" "no you lied" i said i wasnt even upset at this point i wasnt crying i was angry i felt my body become hot "fine" he said and left the house slamming the door shut i took a few deep breaths and punched the wall i didnt even leave a mark on it it felt like i should've though. "Does that mean we leave also?" Wes asked i looked at him i wasnt as mad at them as i was with Keaton but i didnt want to talk to them so i walked right past them up the stairs and into my room.

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