Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


3. My new home

We arrived at my new home we got out of the car and followed louis inside he showed me my room I set everything up and Louis said "get ready we have visitors coming over in 20 minutes" I nodded and he left I got ready and done my hair and makeup and went downstairs. I sat down next to Jacob on the couch "hey best friend" Jacob said I giggled and said "hey, so do you know who is coming over?" He shook his head "all I know is Eleanor is gonna be here" I thought who is Eleanor "Oh Eleanor is Louis girlfriend" I nodded and we sat there and talked "so misty if you don't mind me asking how did you end up at the orphanage?" I took a deep breath and said "its messed up I'll say my parents were always drunk and abusive they took all their anger out on me anything to hurt me was their goal. and my dad when my mother wasn't home or she was asleep he would come and make me have sex with him so rape one day I was tired of it and I left" tears were falling from my eyes "aww misty I'm so sorry" Jacob said he wrapped me into a hug and I cried onto his chest as he rubbed my back trying to calm me it worked a bit. I thought after all this time forgetting them It wouldnt still have this affect on me like it does now.

*Jacobs Pov*

Misty kept crying for awhile then it was quiet I looked and misty was asleep her head was now on my shoulder and she is sitting next to me. I began to fall asleep to.

*louis Pov*

It soon was quiet before i heard Misty and Jacob talking i know they know better than to be kissing they are brother and sister now so i have no worries. Well actually i do i looked but Jacob and Misty were asleep in the other room well thats a relief I continued to cool in the kitchen I'll let them sleep. Then there was a knock on the door I answered it and there was El and the boys we all walked to the kitchen "Lou where is Jacob?" El asked I replied "he's in the living room sleeping" she nodded as we all talked then I heard a girl yawn it had to be Misty "um guys did anyone else hear a girl yawn?" Niall said they all boss's and I said "oh yea Misty is here" they all looked at me confused now "is Misty Jacobs girlfriend?" Harry said I shook my head "no Misty is not his girlfriend it's his new sister" "wait you adopted a girl!?" El said I nodded as she squealed I smiled along with the others.

*Mistys Pov* 

i woke up and soon Jacob did we both stood up I gave Jacob a quick hug and said "your a great brother" he nodded and said "thank you" I backed away from him and we walked to the table because Jacob said that everybody is probably here I wondered who else was here. When we got to the table everybody looked at me I smiled and said "hello I'm Misty" completely nervous the one girl who must be Louis girlfriend came up to me and said "I love your hair can I touch it?" "Yea i don't care i replied she nodded as she touched my hair I smiled and we sat down I sat next to El and a guy and Jacob sat across the table in between a guy and Louis. I wash finally introduced to the guys the one sitting next to Jacob was Harry and the one next to me was Zayn and then on at the end of the table was Niall and at the other end was Liam. I ate slowly almost full it was spaghetti I sat down my fork and Louis said "Misty eat" "but I'm full I basically ate all the food" I said Lou laughed and said "Misty taking 2 or 3 bites is not basically all the food" we laughed and El said "just eat the food make him happy" I nodded and took a bite of the spaghetti I smiled almost about to throw up if I had to take another bite. El elbowed me meaning to eat more I shook my head she nodded and I whispered to her "If i take another bite I will throw up literally" "is his food that bad" el said I shook my head "no it's actually   good" "we'll then eat it"  realizing that el won't stop telling me to eat it I hesitantly got more spaghetti on my fork and put it into my mouth and tried to swallow but it didn't work I got up and ran to the bathroom I held back my hair as best as I could and threw up a soon I felt somebody holding my hair when I stopped I wiped my mouth with toilet paper and then flushed the toilet I turned around expecting Louis, Jacob, or Eleanor but no it was Zayn who smiled "well thais wasnt the way i expected to meet sorry you had to see and hear me throw up" "i expected you to get sick" "well thanks" "any time" he said and walked away I went back to the table and took my seat next to El she apologized and I nodded and sat there feeling dizzy watching everybody eat and talk I closed my eyes thinking my head will stop spinning. I felt a hand on my left knee I opened and saw El eating and everybody else was to then my phone vibrated I took it out of my pocket and looked 

from unknown- are you ok?

to unknown- who is this?

from unknown- oh sorry it's Zayn 

to Zayn- oh ok I'm fine how did you get my number

from Zayn- in the bathroom I got you phone and got your number

"Misty what are you doing?" Louis asked I looked up realizing and said "texting a friend" Louis nodded and Jacob said "yea a friend" emphasizing friend I blushed and smiled "ha see it's more than a friend it's her boyfriend" "or girlfriend" I mumbled I guess el and Zayn heard because they almost died of laughter I smiled a bit then Zayn said "your joking right?" I nodded "ok I thought you were serious" I laughed a little as everybody continued to eat confused on what happened.

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