Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


65. mine again

I woke up and got dressed Wes told me i can take the car for a few hours to meet misty and catch up and all..i hope we can go back to like the old times. I left the room and went downstairs avoiding eye contact with people and i got into the car. I drove worry less to Starbucks it was raining so nobody was gonna pay attention to some guy in a car while driving in the rain, I vaguely remember the location and how to get there but i made it just in time luckily. I walked inside and ordered me a latte and stood and waited for my drink and the Misty walked in wearing a dark green jacket and a skirt with tights underneath and black rain boots her hair was left undone nothing special was done to it and she looked amazing she came over to me and smiled "he...hey" I stuttered "hey" she replied back we stood there and it being raining only a few people were around so not much talking was going on. I got my drink and we took a seat Misty pulled out her phone clicked on it a few times and slid it over to me it was her breakup message "not even a reply" i said referring to her message "yeah" she said i took out my phone then and opened up my message to Courtney and slid it over to her "you didnt reply back to her?" "Nope i had you and thats all i want...i wanted you to be mine again" i told her she took her hands off the table and smiled which is unusual why would she pull away from my reach after I complimented her? I shook it off and sat there Misty looked around i admired her every feature she had i loved and i never forgot them from her dimples to the birthmark on her leg she is beautiful.


I cant tell him how i feel i think he knows something is up. do you tell a guy you want to date so badly something you know is gonna upset him? it's ridiculous. "Hey misty are you alright?" Keaton asked placing his hand on my knee under the table i jumped " sorry" i said i cant believe i did that i just made myself look stupid! I walked away from Keaton and out the door i rubbed my face why am i complicated!? It cant be that bad just tell him Misty you have to! I yelled at myself the rain hit my face then i stopped moving and looked around you could still see everything it wasn't bad rain i saw cars just passing by rain flicking off their tires and the sound of the light rain drops hitting the nearby trees. "Um Misty?" Keaton asked i watched as he came closer i didnt reply to him but i acknowledged his presence and he spoke again "if you didn't want to break up with you ex you could've told me i didn't mean to force you into doing something you didn't want i-" "its not that" "then what is wrong?" I looked at him and got closer i wanted this for two days now Keaton leaned down a bit and put his forehead against mine i felt his breath and i closed my eyes "whats wrong?" He asked again in a lower voice which made my legs go weak i looked at him and kissed him i didnt know how much i missed this until now i pulled away and looked at him through the rain and said " scared" "i thought so" he said removing his forehead from mine i looked away "I've messed up Misty and i shouldn't have done the things i did its unpredictable to know what im gonna do but i want you as mine and only you no Courtney or anyone i want you and i promise i will try my very best to not do anything to upset you or breakup" he said i remained looking away tears brimmed my eyes "no you dont scared" Keaton placed an arm around me "lets go sit in the car please" he said and i nodded and we walked to his car and got in "scared of what Misty?" "What...i...its just...its stupid-" "i want to help Misty but you have to stop going around the problem and say it no matter how stupid it maybe" he said a held my hand i had mixed emotions about it but i gripped on his hand tighter "I've been having this dream lately where I ran you over on purpose and there is a person in the passenger seat i don't know who it is i only see their shoes it could be anybody and im afraid that one day im gonna be driving and im gonna hit you" i looked at Keaton in tears again which some escaped and fell down my cheeks "hey princess it wont happen" he said placing a hand on my cheek and rubbed a falling tear off my cheek "you cant say that" i replied my voice hoarse "why would i be walking in the middle of the street in London?" He asked "i dont know shit happens though Keaton and i don't want to loose you again" i said and he smiled "your not gonna loose me i promise i will do everything i can to stay healthy and not die okay and i think your dreams are just from your past experiences in one its nothing to be scared of" he said "i dont know" i said and moved my face away from his hand "do you not want to be with me?" He asked I couldn't reply i couldn't talk "i have to go" i said and got out of his car crying i thought i wanted Keaton back but i felt sick around him and confused and emotional i don't understand do i still hate him? I kept walking i dont know where to go but i just kept moving Keaton hasn't been around which is good i guess. I walked under a ledge so i could pull my phone out without getting it wet and i called dad. "Hey Misty you need to be picked up?" "Yeah" "where are you at?" He asked i looked around "umm...well theres a hotel sign i see down the street i think it says Hampton inn the street is Avery lane" "ok well i will be there in a minute" he said and hung up. I wish i knew what i wanted before i met with Keaton today.

~Keaton Pov

I got back to the hotel and unlocked the door and walked inside Wes was on the bed watching the tv i grabbed my suitcase and shoved my clothes on the floor in it. "Going over to Misty's?" He asked "No" i replied coldly "what happened" "apparently she doesn't want to be with me considering she got out of the car when i asked if she even wanted to date me!" "Damn ok" he said i rolled my eyes "i just wanted her to be mine again but no! Some stupid dream had to change her mind last night this while trip was worthless after all were back at square 1 hating each other" "you dont hate her" i sighed and zipped up my suitcase "i may not but i strongly dislike what she are you coming with me or staying here?" I asked "let me pack" he said and got up and got his stuff put in his suitcase and we left the hotel.

When we got back to California and home i threw my suitcase and flopped on my bed. I thought she was the one i thought she wanted me but i guess not.

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